Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

It can be difficult for pet owners to keep a check on which foods are harmful to dogs. If you are fond of bell peppers you might have thought to share them with your dog.

It is easy to think that food items that are healthy for humans would also be nutritious for our pets but unfortunately, it is always not true. As some vegetables like broccoli and carrot can be used as healthy and natural alternatives to processed treats for dogs.

All veggies are not a safe snack. Take another main ingredient of salad, peppers. Now the question is Can dogs eat bell peppers? The simple answer is yes, dogs can eat bell peppers. The veggie is safe and does not cause any stomach illness and health problems.

The bell peppers are nutritious for dogs are served in the right amount and if your puppy is not fond of bell peppers, there are also other nutritious options available.

In this article, we will focus on can dogs eat bell peppers?

What is a bell pepper?

The bell pepper is commonly called pepper, sweet pepper, or capsicum. It is versatile in colors. Commonly they are used as a vegetable ingredient, a side dish, and as a topping.  

Red, Green, Yellow, Orange- Does Color Matter?

Although the red type is the most nutritious one, any color bell peppers have essential nutrients and vitamins that are good for a dog’s health. According to research, red bell peppers are best to served to your dogs as they contain the highest ratio of antioxidants and vitamins.

Can dogs have bell peppers?

Given their refreshing and crunchy taste, it is easy to think that our furry companions will love eating peppers and fortunately, they can eat bell peppers.

But all peppers are not safe for the consumption of canines. Moreover, consuming peppers in large amounts causes stomach issues.

What are the benefits of bell pepper?

As a parent of a dog, it is important to notice the nutritional status and composition of peppers and what functions they perform in our body.

  • Vitamins- peppers are enriched with vitamin C, which is known to increase immunity. Vitamin E present in bell peppers helps in the development of healthy coat and skin. Peppers also have vitamin B6, which is good for the health of the nervous system.
  • Antioxidants- peppers are rich in antioxidants for the protection of dogs against diseases and infections.
  • Carbs- peppers also have fat, carbs, and protein that provide health benefits as per each food group. Bell peppers have 6% carbs, 1% protein 92% water, and less than 0.5% fat.

The carbs and fat in peppers will provide energy to dogs while protein provides benefits related to body-building.

  • Minerals- small quantity minerals like magnesium and manganese, which are difficult for the health of bones.

What are the risks posed by peppers?

Naturally, dogs are carnivores. So, it is not suggested to serve vegetables to your dog in large amounts. If a dog consumes a large quantity of peppers, then there is a risk of causing stomach problems and diarrhea.

Your pet can also bloat or vomit.

If you serve your dog with red peppers as a treat, make sure to give in a moderate amount to avoid digestive system issues.

Can peppers hurt dogs?

Whilst jalapeno peppers are not poisonous to dogs and the dogs might seem to like them, this is not a good option for a dog treat.

Humans have more taste buds as compared to dogs and humans might enjoy and get health benefits from jalapeno peppers.

The fewer taste buds in dogs cause them to eat more spicy foods than they should.

At the same time, dogs prefer sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and sourness and jalapeno peppers have little spice, there are other better options to

serve to your dogs.

The risks of consuming peppers are coughing, sneezing, drooling, and foaming inside the mouth, and gastrointestinal distress.

The other physical symptoms that must be checked are panting, watery eyes, gagging, pawing the face, dry heaving, whimpering, and whining which are all signs of pain and discomfort.

The pet owners must visit a vet immediately as they observe the above-mentioned symptoms.

How to feed bell peppers to dogs and puppies?

The simple and easy way to feed bell peppers is to cut and chop vegetable and serve it in raw form.

The shape of the chop will change, depending on the size of your dog. You will need to consider bell pepper as a choking problem for extra small dogs.

Some dogs like to eat strips of vegetables like peppers and capsicum, the treat will keep them entertained and is healthy.

If your dog does not want to chew the bell pepper but you want to serve them, you can try

  • Steam
  • Blitz and combine with kibble
  • Shred

Always remember that Bell pepper is a fun treat however, not a necessary ingredient of a dog’s diet.

Can a dog eat stir fry vegetables like bell pepper?

Your pet should avoid seasoned and oily bell peppers. This is for any type of stir fry vegetable.

The seasoning and oil affect the stomach for dogs of any age group.

Seasonings and oils are not for the consumption of dogs.

Can peppers kill a dog?

It is very unlikely that Jalapeno peppers can kill a dog. The most important thing is they are not toxic or known poisonous to the level of killing dogs in general situations.

There is no real chance of death unless your dog eats jalapeno peppers in large quantities.

Jalapeno peppers are considered bad for dogs as they are spicy. They also cause choking issues as they are hard in raw form.

How should you feed your dog peppers?

Either feed the peppers

  1. Cut/ crush in small pieces
  2. Make a puree
  3. Cook the pepper
  4. Fill them with dog food
  5. Make it an occasional treat


Stems and seeds of peppers must be removed to limit indigestion and choking.

How many bell peppers should you feed your dog?

Avoid serving too much human food to dogs and you must stick to dog food to avoid health issues.

Half a medium-sized pepper at a time must be given to larger dogs whereas, more than a quarter of pepper (1-3 slices per day) should be given to small dogs.

The Bottom Line

Dogs can eat bell peppers and are healthy but moderation is the key to feeding peppers without causing health risks and problems.

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