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Start visualizing to bend over your plate as you eat your dinner. Doubtfully it is not going to be the coziest place. Certainly, that’s not to say that your dog is restless drinking and eating from his bowls on the floors of the kitchen.  

Probably most dogs aren’t. Sometimes it is even difficult, however, some like those who have joint disorders, arthritis, and issues in mobility. 

That’s the reason why dog bowl stands are in trend. 

These stands help to raise the bowl of the pet above the floor to a more comfortable level.  

It is time to invest in a set of raised dog bowls if your dog suffers from neck pain, general mobility, or arthritis. The dog’s bowls are a difficult part of their normal routine however; we sometimes take these items counted on.  

Our dogs have little choice in where and how they eat while we can adjust our eating utensils or seated posture to cater to our physical needs.  

This is not an issue for most pups. However, for the dogs with joint pain or limited mobility, lowering down to enjoy from a normal dog bowl is often neither comfortable nor easy.  

In this article, we have discussed the best dog food bowls. So let’s start.  

The Best Dog Food Bowls  

Pet Zone Designer Diner- Overall Best 

This top choice bowl stand possesses two stainless steel bowls in a raised stand. In contrast to many other raised bowl stands, this dining set is adjustable to three varied heights 2.75, 8, or 12 inches. You can either go for the pink, blue or black version of this stand.  

Aside from an adjustable height, one of the coolest qualities of this bowl is it is portable and easily stored. This feature makes it easier to travel with or stow away in a drawer or cupboard.  

As the stand is of plastic the steel bowls are rust-resistant, durable, and dishwasher safe.  



Versatile in color range  Portable and not sturdy  
Height can be adjusted  Not easy to clean  
Two stainless-steel bowls   
Can be folded   
OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Bowl- Best Value 

For the owners interested in looking for the best budget-friendly dog bowl stand, we suggest checking out this one.  

This set has a plastic base with two stainless-steel bowls. There are three different heights/sizes to choose from 4 inches, 8 inches, or 12 inches depending on the size of your dog.  

It has two removable dishes which are safe for dishwashers, the raised platform can be changed into a self-filling water bowl with a plastic bottle of two-liter.  

During use, the wide base helps prevent the stand from tipping  


There is too much of a gap between the bowls and the stand according to some owners leaving space for the growth of mold. The stand is easy to push as the stand is made of lightweight plastic.  


Multiple height and size options  Easily slides around 
Contains dishwasher-safe bowls   More space in stand slows the growth of mold 
Stability is added because of the wide base   
Neater Pet Brands Neater Feeder- Premium Choice 

It is a double-bowl option for dogs of all sizes if you are willing to invest a little more for premium quality. This set of bowls is available for dogs in three sizes and a versatile color range.  

Some of the colors have a slow-feeder bowl option. This might look the same as other raised bowls at first glance; however, it has a collection of qualities. There are some quality issues whereas, most owners love these dog bowls.  


Includes anti-skid feet  Some issues with some quality control problems 
For spilled water, it has a built-in reservoir  Metal bowls are manufactured in India 
Versatile in color and sizes   
IRIS 300344 Small Elevated Feeder 

Have you ever got a glimpse at a raised dog bowl and thought about the space present underneath. This book has solved that issue. The set has 3 varied sizes ranging from 6-15 inches tall and has an airtight, ingenious space underneath.  

It has 3 varied colors to match with your surrounding décor: black, green, or almond.  

Depending on which size you purchase, the two stainless-steel bowls hold between 1 pint and 2 quarts. As your dog likes a more comfortable dining experience, the underneath storage space helps to make sure that the fresh food is within the reach always.  

The raised bowl is also best for traveling with your dog as it has a convenient storage bin.  


Has stainless steel bowl  The storage bin is not fully airtight 
Equipped with a built-in storage bin  There are no bowls in some feeders 
Has stainless-steel bowls   
FOREY Raised Pet Bowls 

Either you just like the look or you are trying to reduce your plastic use, this is the best substitute. Rather than metal or plastic, the stand is made of durable bamboo, which looks great in any home and is eco-friendly. This is versatile in size range varying from 4 inches tall to 15 inches tall.  

Naturally bamboo is water-tolerant so this won’t decay or swell if waterfalls on it. Each leg is equipped with the anti-skid foot at the bottom, so your dog won’t roam around the room for water or food. 

The stand has two stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe and rust-resistant.  


Naturally water-tolerant bamboo  There is no growth of mold or rot on the wood 
It is the stylish substitute for plastic elevated feeders  The assembly instructions are not clear 
Has dishwasher-safe bowls and anti-slip feet  May arrive with missing or broken parts 

What to look for in a Dog Bowl Stand:  

All dog bowl stands are obviously not equal. So, what are the points to consider that are according to the requirements of your pooch? Below are some main points to consider:  


Similarly like dogs, dog bowl stands vary in height. You will need to ensure that the height is right if you want to make sure your dog gets benefits from the stand.  

If the height is too low, it defeats the purpose of getting a raised bowl. It will cause an unnecessary strain on your joints and neck if the stand is too high. 

Experts recommend measuring the correct height by measuring from the floor to the point where the legs of a dog meet his chest.  

Depending on your pet’s size, you can measure from the floor to the shoulder and minus 3 or 6 inches alternatively.  

We recommend you get a dog bowl stand that has an adjustable height if you are not sure about the exact height is for your pup if it is growing still. 


Other than the height of the stand, it is significant that you also focus on the qualities of the bowl. The bowl size should be large enough to hold the amount of food that your pet eats on regular basis.  

The bowl shape should hold the dog’s size and snout length. A shallow bowl is needed by a flat-faced dog while a deeper bowl is required by the dogs with long snouts.  

Additionally, you need to think about the number of bowls that can be held by the stand. Dogs also need a constant water source which means you might want to think of a bowl stand with two bowls or can easily hold two rather than just one.  

Consider if you like to go for what you have already, you might find it difficult to find models without bowls.  


Whether you are buying an elevated one or the regular dog bowl, you always has to consider how easy is to maintain and clean it. If your dog bowl stand is with bowls ensure that they can be easier to remove for easy cleaning.  

The bowls like stainless steel ones are best and dishwasher safe. They are convenient as well as the material does not encourage bacterial growth.  

You need to consider the stand as well when it comes to maintenance of course. It is easy to wipe clean plastic stands. It is similar to metal stands. In the case of wooden stands, you need to ensure that it has waterproof sealant to prevent any liquid or food from getting into the wood.  


Some dogs can be fantastically anxious when they are feeling hungry.     The best dog bowl stand is the one that won’t get knocked over or skid across while your dog is eating on his food.  

Go for a stand that is not only long-lasting but also possesses the qualities of non-slip feet that will stay in their position all the time. 


If you want to invest in dog food bowls, make sure you purchase the best one. For all pooches, the raised bowls are not a good option, but for those with joint pain or limited mobility. With the help of this article, you can make sure that for individual needs, your dog is using the best dog food bowl.  

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