Can a dog eat brown rice?

When we are deciding to feed our dog with grains, white rice is often coming to our mind. It is low in fiber that helps in digesting and for the dog’s upset stomach. Brown rice has the same benefits as well.

Brown rice is a good source of manganese, magnesium, and selenium. A small quantity of glycemic is better for diabetic dogs. The number of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and nutrition is high in rice.

Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice for An Upset Stomach?
No, dogs cannot eat brown rice for an upset stomach.  For the dogs these are harmful. The white rice is better for the dogs.

There are many ways to save the dogs from an upset stomach. Fasting is the first step for a sick dog. Overfeeding is bad for the dog when his stomach not works well. After 12-24 hours of fasting, you should start feeding your dog bland meals.

The boiled, skinless, boneless chicken breast and some rice is best for the upset stomach of dogs. With time, you may feed your dogs with normal diet.

Is Brown Rice good for Dog Diarrhea?

Brown rice is not a good option for dog diarrhea. The white rice will help your dog in this condition to maintain your dog’s health.

You can feed your dogs with brown rice in daily food. But in the problem of diarrhea, it is not recommended.

Brown rice has low glycemic as compare to white rice. So, white rice is healthier for dogs and cannot increase blood sugar.

Feeding white rice to your dogs in diarrhea is very easy because only boil rice is best for dogs. Nothing adds in this rice-like salt, sugar. The cool rice serves your dogs.

What health benefits does brown rice offer dogs?

Most people think that dogs can only eat meat but dogs can eat grains like brown rice, which has many health benefits for dogs. Dogs can easily digest it.

The brown rice is full of natural fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Vitamins are best for the heart health of dogs.

It contained iron, calcium, potassium, selenium for the better health of dogs. Brown rice provides antioxidants for preventing dogs from diseases.

What should you avoid when feeding brown rice to your dog?

When you feeding your dogs with brown rice, it has many benefits but you should avoid some health issues.

  • Do not prepare spices or seasoning rice for dogs.
  • You should not use butter in rice.
  • Avoide adding salt.
  • Additional ingredients are not suitable, such as onions or garlic.

Rice is a safe food for dogs but any additional ingredients can be harmful to their health. It decrease the living days of dogs.

Which is better: white rice or brown rice?

The white rice and brown rice both are good for the dogs. The brown rice has an outer layer. So,    fibrous and natural oils are in more qutantiy. storage of brown rice is difficult because they poil very fastly.

The brown rice is a broken piece of white rice. So, it reflects brownish color. It is a great source of energy and contains protein and minerals.

The main difference between brown rice and white rice is that brown rice increases the fiber content. Rice is a primary food for your dogs.

White rice is very difficult for some dogs to chew because it contains many nutrients. It has few benefits; many dogs prefer to eat because it is softer and easily chewable white rice can easily digest.

Can dogs eat brown rice and chicken?

Brown rice and cooked chicken is properly safe for dogs but it cannot be fed your dogs on a daily base. This is an unbalanced diet for dogs which provides less nutrition power.

The combination of rice and chicken is best for dog’s diarrhea. It is a safe method to maintain the health of your dogs in this issue.

Brown rice is much healthier and take a time to digest. Give a small quantity of rice and chicken at the start. 

How to cook brown rice and chicken?

Brown rice and chicken is good for dog’s upset stomach as well for dog’s diarrhea. Here, discuss how to cook it:

  • Take some small pieces of chicken
  • Put them into the stockpot and cover completely after adding water to chicken
  • Boil water and continue it with low-flame for 10-30 minutes
  • Cool the chicken after removing it from the pot
  • Use the broth to boiled the brown rice. Wash the rice (1-2 cups) and add into the broth
  • Cover the pot and cook it for 20 minutes while waiting for water to be fully absorbed
  • Feeding rice to your dogs after cool

The brown rice takes time to cook and uncooked rice is harmful to dog’s health.

How can you add brown rice to your dog’s diet?

If you want to add the benefits of brown rice to your dogs’ diet, it is a very simple way. You can cook brown rice at home.

The brown rice contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you don’t feed your dogs too much. This rich diet is not good for your dogs.

In the regular meals of dog food, give a small amount of rice two or three times per week. Prepare brown rice for dogs in a very simple way, nothing added spices, seasonings, and other ingredients.

Most of the dogs like to feed rice mixed with their meals. But some dogs prefer to eat alone.


If you want to feed your dogs with rice. The brown and white rice are both good for the health of dogs. Brown rice has more fiber as compared to white rice.

In the above discussion brown rice and chicken is best for upset stomach dogs and dog diarrhea.

The brown rice contains vitamins, minerals, and fibert are hard to digest. The white rice is soft and easily breaks down.

After reading the above information, you can easily decide which rice is best for your dogs.

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