Can Dogs eat Bread?


Bread is supposed to be among the oldest foods prepared in the world. Commonly, bread is eaten in cultures around the globe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Humans like to eat a lot of breaks on regular basis and are a staple diet. Either it is a toast, sandwich or a big slice of crusty bread to go alongside a soup for dinner or stew, it is commonly said that as species we consume a lot of bread in different forms.

We, as human beings love bread however; studies revealed that it should be consumed moderately. As dog lovers, we like to share everything that we eat with our dogs. Have you ever thought if bread is a nutritious snack for a canine?

The simple question is can dogs eat bread? And the answer to this question is yes the dogs can eat with no additional ingredients. But, it provides no nutritional value. Because of this reason the bread should be fed occasionally rather than a staple diet.

In this article, we will discuss about can dogs eat bread and what are the nutritional benefits provided by it?

Is it safe for dogs to eat bread?

The short and straight forward answer to this question is yes. Similar to humans, dogs can safely consume bread but in a moderate amount. Plain wheat and white bread are normally safe for dogs to consume, with no allergies, and don’t lead to any stomach problems.

Feeding bread to your dog as a treat won’t hurt her as long as they are offered a balanced and complete diet and gets a lot of exercises.

Essentially bread is a filler food and does not have any nutrients that are already not supplied by the dog food.

Anyone who wants to diet must know that bread is filled with carbs, which can make your dog obese if not cared for.

Can dogs eat bread?

The answer could be yes or no depending on the amount you feed your dogs. There are a few types that are dangerous to your pup add will have additional ingredients like nuts- macadamia nuts are dangerous as they contain a large amount of fat, which is not good for dogs.

Plus, bread also contains chocolate chips, raisins, garlic and onion some dessert bread might also have xylitol, so ensure to cross-check the ingredients.

Whilst, dogs can enjoy bread, but we don’t suggest it as it is not beneficial for them. The bread must be plain if you want to be fed in small quantities and as a special treat. Always remember that the treat should only be around 10% or less of your dog’s food and moderation is the main key.

The benefits of bread

For over 10,000 years ago, bread has been part of our daily lives. Actually, there is no country in the world where bread is not a part of their food. The use of it has improved peace and wealth and even it is a part of many religious practices.

We’ve found it buried with the remains of mummies and it’s been used for the survival of masses. However, the bread we consume today has come a long way and is a ground grain of old times. However, it is an important staple food.

We eat croissants, tea bread, pizza, whole-grain bread and plain white bread today. The nutritional status is dependent on the ingredients, however, for dogs, it has no nutritional status.

There are some benefits, even so, to offer your dog breed. Below are some of the benefits of bread that your dog might like by eating a small amount.

Helps to soothe an upset stomach

Dogs with an upset stomach or IBS can have a little amount of white bread. The higher ratio of starch present absorbs the gastric juice affecting their stomach, giving these dogs relief from discomfort and pain.

A quarter of a normal slice is enough to relieve the signs but consult your vet on portion size.

It binds indigestible foreign objects

Bread pads or binds swallowed foreign objects like sharp pieces of bones or indigestible items- making them pass via the digestive tract.

The point is not true all shards of bone or foreign objects however, bread can help your canine digest small pieces. Always consult your vet on utilizing bread in this way.

Relieves constipation

The fiber present in the whole-wheat bread helps to keep everything moving in the digestive tract. It binds water adds bulk to the stool to help pass it easily.

What you need to know about bread and dogs

Vets don’t consider bread harmful for dogs. The problem for pooch depends on the toppings, ingredients and form in which it is eaten.

Dogs need highly proteinous diets as they are facultative carnivores, which means they can easily digest proteins and plants as long as protein is the main ingredient in their daily food.

Dogs can’t have uncooked bread dough

According to studies, the uncooked dough of bread can be dangerous for dogs. Their stomachs interestingly offer the ideal situations for the dough to rise and when they consume it, it distends and expands their stomach, with the release of dangerous levels of ethanol into their blood which can lead to alcohol toxicosis.

Make sure not to make them eat uncooked bread dough, and if your dog has consumed any and you observe the following signs, contact your vet at once.

  • Weakness
  • The elevated rate of heart
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Distended abdomen
  • Respiratory failure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Vomiting or Retching
  • Coma in severe cases

How can I feed my dog bread

Our suggestion is to avoid feeding your dog bread. As a snack, it is fine in small amounts, however, it provides no benefit and in some situations, bread has toxic ingredients. Rather than go for healthy treats like fresh vegetables and lean cooked meat,

It is important to know that dogs are different from us.

Some bread can harm your dog

Whilst most bread is not toxic to your dog, some bread types have harmful ingredients that are surely not beneficial. Let’s have a look.

  • Bread dough
  • Banana bread
  • Bread with onion and garlic
  • Nuts and bread
  • Raisin bread
  • Bread and chocolate
  • Artificial sweeteners

The Bottom Line

The dogs can eat bread. The crust of your toast or a sandwich piece is not harmful. Bread is a human food with no benefits and serving it as an occasional treat is fine and it has no effect on the dog’s overall health. But moderation is the key to serve anything to your canine for their health.

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