Can dogs eat Tomato sauce?

Dogs can enjoy a wide range of foods. Not everything, however, your dog likes to eat is actually healthy for them. Many owners of dogs have reservations on what they serve their dogs and for the sake of good reasons.

You are not alone if you can’t get enough tomatoes in your life. According to the research done by the US Department of Agriculture, individually every year Americans consume more than 22 pounds of tomatoes in the form of tomato sauce and ketchup.

There is a fact: wherever the food is, your dog is present there, and you might be thinking if you can share the food with your companion.

Ripe and fresh tomatoes are safe for dogs to eat, but the sauce prepared from them, specifically, the ones available in the marts (red pasta sauce, ketchup, etc.) are not healthy.

The reason is its high acidic nature other than artificial preservatives along with salt and sugar to which most dogs are susceptible.

Many people might give sardine dipped in tomato sauce that is less healthy in comparison to the water-dipped ones which also contain a low salt ratio.

In this blog, we will discuss that can dogs eat tomato sauce? What are the risks associated with consuming tomato sauce?

Tomato Profile

Tomatoes are a part of a plants group called Solanaceae, which are very poisonous. However, the best part is that the chemicals are present only in some parts of the plant and are only vigorous during a specific plant’s life stage.

In tomatoes, the chemical called ‘’alpha-tomatine’’ is present in higher amounts only in the case of unripe tomatoes. However, ripe tomatoes contain a low amount of alkaloids and your dog would have to consume a large amount of tomatoes for them to have less form of poisoning.

Hidden ingredients

Other than tomatoes, tomato sauces, specifically premade sauces, are loaded with other ingredients. The ingredients found include onion and garlic, none of them are healthy for your dog.

Especially this is true for garlic. As garlic has “thiosulphate” which destroys red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs. The worst situation is death. Thiosulphate poisoning symptoms include

  • weakness
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

The additives like sugars, salt, and pepper present in tomato sauce do not cause any harm to dogs until they are taken in a moderate amount.

The benefits of feeding tomatoes to your dogs

In small quantities, tomatoes are responsible to provide some health benefits to your pet. Tomatoes are enriched with ingredients like lycopene, beta carotene, and carotenoids, which are strong antioxidants and help prevent cell damage.

The low-calorie fruit contains high amounts of fiber, which helps in digestion, and is enriched with vitamin A and C which boost the vision of the pet and promote the health of the skin.

Is tomato sauce bad or harmful for dogs?

The green parts of tomato plants have significant amounts of the harmful alkaloid tomatine which is harmful to dogs however, red tomatoes have very little amount.

Essentially ripe red tomatoes are harmless for dogs but avoid serving your dog pasta or ketchup sauce, as they have many other ingredients that are not good for him like chives, onions, and even garlic in large amounts.

If your dog just licked on some amount of tomato sauce, then it should not be harmful to them. But, large amounts or on regular basis might cause digestive problems along with other issues.

Although tomato sauce can totally affect the dog’s health and the ketchup that is available in the super store does more harm as compared to pure tomato sauce.

Actually, pure ketchup is not high in onions and spices however the ketchup where of course the tomato is the main ingredient contains cinnamon, garlic, and onions along with a higher amount of sugar and salt, which can affect the canine pet.

The inclusion of ketchup on regular basis is said to be poisonous and toxic to them causing allergies or in extreme cases hemolytic anemia.

In addition, the increased salt ratio and acidic nature in tomato sauce can dissolve the nitrogen in the urine of a dog resulting in kidney issues.

So, it is better not to allow your canine to consume tomato sauce, rather than serve some nutritious and healthy snack options like tasty vegetable treats or homemade biscuits.

Side Effects of a dog eating tomatoes

If a dog eats a large number of tomato plants, make sure to visit your vet for an expert advice.

Tomatine toxification can be deadly, even though it is rare. The symptoms are

  • Diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Vomiting
  • tremors and seizures
  • Weakness/ Loss of coordination
  • Paralysis
  • Lethargy
  • Dilated pupils

Whilst the symptoms are not common, we recommended keeping an eye on your dog and contacting your vet for any different activity.

How can I feed tomatoes to my dog?

Ensure to choose organic and fresh tomatoes only which are bright red in color.

Before serving make sure to remove any green bits including eaves, vines, and stem. Once done, wash them properly before serving to remove any debris and dirt. In the start, start with a small amount to see the reaction, for most dogs, it is not uncommon to dislike the taste and texture of tomatoes, so don’t panic if they spit it out.

Can Dogs eat tomato sauce?

In tomato soup, there is nothing that is harmful to your dog. While some types may have onions and garlic, the amount is not sufficient to cause much tension.

Some tomato soups have cream or cheese. Itself the dairy is not harmful to dogs however, some dogs are intolerant to lactose, which can upset tummy.

Contact your vet if symptoms like diarrhea, lethargy, and reduced appetite persist.

Final Thoughts

We want to give everything the dog desire as we love our dogs. But if your companion wants some pasta sauce, think twice in regards to letting them play their role in that fun. The small amount is not harmful and the problem will start to occur when the dogs consume too many tomatoes.

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