Complete Guide on Choosing The Harrington Dog Food

Are you delighted with the dog food that you usually purchase? Are you sure that it can provide your canine friend with all the nutrients he requires? If you are doubtful about these questions, then no need to worry as most dog owners face the same conundrums. And the reason for this is relatively straightforward as most dog food options present in most stores are not nutritious enough and are therefore unable to meet all the dietary needs of our dogs. This lack of nutrients can cause dogs to suffer from different nutritious deficiencies, and this can, in turn, make dogs really ill. 

That’s why we recommend dogs owners do their homework before they decide on particular dog food. But that’s easier said than done as being able to come up with enough time to research all the dog foods offered is a luxury to most of us, given the busy nature of our lives. There is no need to worry, as this is precisely why we are here. In this article, we will tell you all about Harrington dog foods as, according to us, this brand of dog food is one of the healthiest you can find. 

Introduction to Harrington dog food

Harrington dog foods is an organization established using cooperation from many of the country’s most prominent animal specialists. It’s developed to provide almost anything our beloved animals require in daily nutrition throughout each phase of life. Harrington dog foods and Harrington puppy food provide dogs and puppies with all they need to stay active, strong, as well as productive throughout their entire lifetimes. 

Nutritionists at Harrington dog foods and Harrington Puppy foods have designed a selection of delicious, nutrient-dense snacks that seem to be accessible off-grain, flour, and free from dairy utilizing a mixture of locally produced, incredibly high components. Most of such elements can lead to health issues in your dogs. Harrington dog foods and Harrington Puppy foods provide a comprehensive technique to animal nutrition, offering top-rated dog meal formulas and grain-free solutions for pets of all ages.

What should you check for when buying dog food? And why we think that Harrington dog food is the best pick for you and your pooch. 

As mentioned above, markets are always full of dog food products, and therefore choosing the right dog food for our beloved canines can be tricky. Owners always choose the wrong dog food, which ends up hurting their dog’s health. Providing your dog with healthy and nutritious dog food is the best way to take good care of him, and therefore owners should not shy away from doing their homework before deciding on a dog food option. Following are some factors that dog owners should look for while purchasing dog food for their canine best friends. 

Along with the factors to look for while buying dog foods, we have also provided our valued readers with a good candidate that fulfills all the following requirements. The candidate that we are talking about is Harrington dog food and Harrington Puppy foods. 

Listen to your Vet’s recommendations

Probably the most vital factor in deciding whether a dog food is good for your four-legged best friend or not is what your Vet has to say about that specific dog food. Your Vet knows the most about what is best for your dog based on his medical record, age, weight, and breed, and therefore you should always take your Vet’s recommendation in high regard. It’s also why we advise our dog owners to consult their Vet before deciding on dog food or changing their dog’s diet. 

Consulting your Vet will also come with the added benefit of knowing all about the nutritional value of the dog food in question. He will also be able to tell you whether the dog food will be able to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements or not. 

A great thing about Harrington dog foods is that it is a brand trusted all around the states and is recommended by many practicing vets based on the commitment to the quality Harrington dog foods offer.

In this aspect, Harrington Puppy foods are not that different from Harrington dog foods, as most vets specializing in younger animals and puppies have great trust in Harrington Puppy foods. Therefore, they are widely recommended by practicing vets. So, if you have any doubts about what vets thought about Harrington Puppy foods, you can rest assured. 

High energy food for your sporty friend

Deciding whether a particular dog food will be a good pick for you not depends significantly on the overall activity of your dog. The more active your dog will be, the faster will be his metabolic processes and therefore, sooner he will run out of his reserve of nutrition. Dog owners must make sure that they are well aware of all these things. Suppose you are a proud owner of an active and sporty dog. In that case, we highly recommend that you go for the most nutritious dog food option available, no matter how much it might cost, as your dog will be prone to running out of energy again and again and therefore failing to provide him with the required nutrition will have severe and adverse effects on your four-legged best friend’s health. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your dog food not meeting your dog’s activity level as long as you are feeding him Harrington dog foods and Harrington Puppy foods. Dog foods like Harrington puppy food are specially formulated to cater to the needs of active puppies that have fast metabolic rates. That’s also why puppies fed Harrington puppy foods are more active and happier. 

Food that is specific to a weight category

There is no fit-all solution when it comes to their nutritional needs when it comes to dogs. Therefore, owners should be vary about their dog’s weight while buying dog food for them. A canine’s nutritional needs depend significantly on the dog’s weight in the question, as a heavier dog will have drastically different needs than a dog that is low on the weight side of things. Your choice of dog food is also affected if your dog is undergoing some weight loss diet, as in such a case, feeding him a standard diet or, even worse, dog food that is specialized for weight gain might not be a good idea. 

The same can be said for a dog that is supposed to gain weight, as feeding him dog food designed to help dogs lose weight will indeed affect his health in a wrong way.

You shouldn’t only check for weight-specific products while looking for dog foods, as your dog’s breed is another parameter where a dog’s food should be judged. Dog breeds differ significantly in the field of nutritional needs, and therefore you must be aware of your dog’s breed-specific needs. It’s evident that a breed like Tibetan Mastiff will have a different set of dietary requirements than a Maltese dog. Therefore, owners must keep these differences in mind before buying any dog food. 

Harrington dog foods are well known for producing dog food products specific to dogs based on their breeds, weight, and age.

Puppies can also enjoy Harrington Puppy foods without any side effects, as Harrington Puppy foods are designed to cater to all the puppy’s nutritional needs. Therefore, Harrington Puppy foods produce a wide range of breed and weight-specific dog food for dogs under six months of age. 

Age-appropriate food

A dog’s age plays a crucial role in deciding what kind of dog food will be a good option for him. The age of any dog significantly affects the metabolism rate of his body. Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions utilized to break down food molecules and derive energy from them. It must be evident from the definition of metabolism that the faster the rate of metabolism, the more nutrition a dog will require and vice versa.  

A common rule is that the younger the dog is, the faster his rate of metabolism, and therefore, puppies require greater concertation of nutrients than their adult counterparts. The reason for that is that puppies are still in their developmental stage, which means their bodies require more energy and nutrients to grow normally. Dogs that don’t get the required nutrients at an early age fall victim to stunted growth and a weak immune system.  

As far as adult dogs are concerned, they are no longer in their developmental stage, and therefore, their metabolic rates are generally lower. That translates to them requiring less concentration of nutrients in their food. Therefore, its commonly considered safe to offer standard, non-specialized dog foods to adult dogs. 

Harrington dog foods fully understand the difference in nutrient-based needs between adult dogs and puppies, and therefore they have formulated Harrington Puppy foods. We recommend owners feed their puppies Harrington Puppy foods as Harrington Puppy foods are fully capable of providing puppies with all the components and ingredients they need to have a regular growth rate. 

Always go for the fresh dog food

You can judge the quality of any food item quite easily by checking how fresh the product is, and the same goes for dog food products. The freshness factor of any dog food product indicates when it was manufactured and how long it will last. 

That’s why we recommend dog owners always a dog food that seems the freshest. You can check how fresh a product is through its color and smell. You can also read the manufacturing date written on the label to judge how fresh a particular dog food product is. 

Feeding your canine friend fresh dog food helps ensure your dog’s good health, and it also boosts his immune system, which further aids in protecting him from various diseases. Fresh dog food can also enhance your dog’s growth and strengthen his body, especially bones. 

Buying fresh dog food for your pooch can also help your pocket as the fresh a product is, the longer it will last, which means that you won’t have to visit the general store every week to buy dog food which will protect a lot of your hard-earned money in the long run.

Speaking of freshness, we can’t stop mentioning Harrington dog foods as this brand embodies freshness. Folks at Harrington dog foods take the freshness of their products very seriously, and therefore you can offer this product to your dog without any hesitation.

The same can be said about Harrington Puppy foods as they are manufactured alongside Harrington dog foods. Therefore, Harrington Puppy foods share the same freshness factor as its sister product.

That’s why we advise our dog owners to feed Harrington Puppy foods to their puppies without worrying about its freshness factor. 

Search for Guaranteed Analysis regarding the dog food

One thing to always look for while buying dog food is whether the brand of your choosing has some certification of guaranteed analysis on its product or not. Many independent bodies test various dog food options available to consumers to check dog food’s safety and health factor. 

Therefore, any dog food product that has certifications and is recognized by reputed testing authorities is always an excellent option for your four-legged buddy. 

Such a product will not only be free from any harmful agents that might affect your dog’s health, such as carcinogens, allergens, and harmful chemicals, but it will also be able to provide your dog with all the nutrition that your dog will need as such dog food options have the required concentrations of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins in them.  

And here is where Harrington dog foods truly shine as all products offered by this brand come with the guaranteed analysis of various independent authorities.

Harrington Puppy foods are also backed up by Guaranteed analysis performed by various independent testing authorities, which shows the attention to safety, Harrington Puppy foods apply on their products. Moreover, folks at Harrington Puppy foods are constantly making their products undergo various tests to ensure optimum quality of their products. 

Dog foods that are backed by studies

Another very useful factor to look for while purchasing dog food is scientific and veterinary studies/research that back up your dog food choice. If such studies well support the dog food in question, then it means that the dog food is well-suited for dogs and is not only safe to consume but is also quite nutritious.

Although dog owners should keep in mind that not all research is trustworthy, dog owners must do their homework and find accredited studies that back the dog food in question. 

Worried about whether Harrington dog foods are backed with scientific studies or not? No need to be concerned about that anymore, as we are here to tell you that products like Harrington puppy food and dog food are not only backed with veterinary studies but are also well accredited by various institutions. Just go to the official website of Harrington dog foods and read all about the notable studies that support the claims of Harrington puppy foods.

Fats, even they are essential for your pooch

Fats are wrong, and therefore you should avoid them at any cost, right? If you think the same, you can’t be more wrong. It’s correct that too many fats can be harmful to your pooch, but excess of everything is bad, and therefore there is no need to single out fats. 

Fats play a vital role in the upkeep of our dog’s health, and therefore, each dog should be provided with adequate amounts of fats to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle. Fats help a great deal in the absorption of all the essential vitamins that dogs need, and they also help promote normal growth. Due to all these factors, dog owners need to choose a dog food with the recommended concentration of fats to take better care of their dogs. 

Failing to provide your pooch with the required amounts of fats can cause several diseases in your dog, which includes but are not limited to:

  • Scaly Dermatitis
  • Alopecia
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Thrombocytopenia

All the products offered by Harrington dog foods come with the required concentration of fats, which is around 12% of the total food content.

Harrington Puppy foods are also full of all the nutrients that puppies require, including fats. Harrington Puppy foods have the required concentration of fats necessary for promoting normal growth in puppies. Therefore, if you are a proud parent of an adorable puppy, you can give him Harrington Puppy foods without any concerns. 

Keep an eye for damaged packaging

Packages are not just colorful bags meant to catch your attention, but they also serve the critical task of protecting their content from any contamination. Contamination can be of various types, including mud, air, hand, and chemical contamination. All these can introduce harmful agents to the dog food, such as pathogens and chemical substances, which can make your dog seriously ill. Therefore, you should always search the packaging for any possible damages before purchasing.

A properly sealed package also indicates that the brand in question takes the safety of its consumers very seriously, and therefore it’s a brand that can be trusted with your best friend’s health. On the other hand, a poorly packed product shows the carelessness and unprofessionalism of the brand in question, and therefore owners should always avoid such products. 

Fortunately, folks at Harrington take the quality of its packaging very seriously. This holds especially true for Harrington Puppy foods as these foods are developed for puppies that are more susceptible to harmful elements that might enter Harrington Puppy foods due to tampered packaging. Therefore, you can feed your puppy Harrington Puppy foods without worrying about it carrying any harmful agents in it.  

Make sure that the dog food has protein as its main ingredient

Dogs being carnivorous animals, thrive on protein and require ample amounts of proteins in their food as they can’t prepare their protein. Along with many other predatory animals, dogs need protein to keep their bodies and proper metabolism. Proteins play a vital role in the expected growth of the body, muscle development, brain growth, and they also aid in bone production. Therefore, because proteins perform all these essential functions, it’s not wrong to say that proteins are the single most crucial component of any dog’s meal.

Due to the obvious importance of protein, dog owners must make sure that the dog food of their choosing has the required concentration of protein in it. The general recommended protein concentration in dog food is around 35% to 45% of the total food content. Owners must make sure to avoid any dog food that has a lower concentration of protein than the recommended amount.

Just having the required amount of protein is also not enough to be considered a good dog food option as the source of the protein is also very important. Most dog food brands try to cut corners by sourcing their protein content from low-standard by-products of poultry and beef industries. Dog owners must make sure that the dog food they are planning to feed their canine friend has protein sources from actual, good quality meat as good quality protein goes a long way in ensuring a healthy life for dogs. 

Harrington dog foods understand how protein is for the optimal growth and health of any dog, and they make sure to use protein sourced from good quality meats as a basis of all their products. The same goes for Harrington Puppy foods, as puppies also require high protein concentrations in their food. Harrington Puppy foods give you the chance to provide your puppy with the required protein content along with delicious flavors of fish, lamb, beef, and chicken. Therefore, Harrington Puppy foods are one of puppies’ best dog food options. 

Fruits and vegetables

It is no brainer that dogs love meat, and meat is the most optimal source of nutrients for them, but it doesn’t mean that their entire diet should be composed of meat-based products. Owners must provide their dogs with a balanced diet. And the best way to balance a meat-based diet is to offer whole veggies and fruits to dogs. Yes, you heard right, we indeed are talking about giving dogs whole veggies and fruits. Contrary to common belief, dogs can not only digest veggies and fruits, but they also enjoy them a lot. And well, can you blame them for that? Everyone likes fruits, after all, right?

Offering dogs whole veggies and fruits is not only beneficial for their taste buds, but they also aid in strengthening a dog’s immune system, and they are also a premium source of many essential vitamins and necessary nutrients. 

Harrington dog foods are considered the trendsetter when it comes to adding fruits and veggies in their dog food products, as they are one of the first ones to do that. Harrington Puppy foods are also jam-packed with tasty chunks of fruits and veggies. This makes Harrington Puppy foods a healthy option for puppies and a delicious one. And this is supported by data as it is widely observed that puppies prefer food with fruit chunks, such as Harrington Puppy foods. 

A lack of artificial additives

Artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and preservatives are friends of no one, and all of them can seriously damage anyone’s overall health. The same goes for your dog, and therefore, dog owners should try their level best to avoid artificial additives. Many dog food brands resort to adding various artificial additives to their product to enhance dog food quality artificially. These additives include preservatives, colors, flavors, and sweeteners. All these artificial additives can significantly affect your dog’s health and lead to developing various medical problems like diabetes, heart problems, renal problems, and even cancer. Therefore, you should only choose dog food that is free from any artificial additives. 

Artificial additives are also indicators of the poor professionalism of the brand responsible for manufacturing the dog food in question. It shows that they don’t have any regard for your dog’s health, and all they care for is to profit as much as possible. A responsible dog food brand, on the other hand, will stay as far away as possible from adding any artificial additives to their product. 

Harrington dog foods are well aware of all the harmful effects of artificial additives, and therefore they are staunchly against adding any artificial additive in their dog food. This holds even with Harrington Puppy foods, as this product is also totally free of artificial colors, flavors, sugars, and preservatives. This further means that Harrington Puppy food is free from any disease-causing agents in it, which can affect a pup’s health in a very bad manner. All this makes Harrington Puppy foods a fantastic option for our puppy friends. 

Dog food that is free from Corn and soy 

Another cost-cutting method that many un-professional dog food brands adopt is sourcing their protein content for their dog food from Corn and soy-based products. Corn and soy-based protein content are much cheaper than protein sourced from high-quality meat-based products, and therefore many brands resort to this malpractice. 

As mentioned above, protein is an essential part of a dog’s diet. Therefore, the protein content of any dog food product must be sourced from high-quality, meat-based products to provide our canine best friends with the best of protein for keeping them as healthy as possible.

This can be confusing for our valued readers as it’s commonly believed that Corn and soy are essential sources of carbohydrates and therefore are suitable for our canine friends, and in most cases, this stands true. But we also can’t ignore the fact that Corn and soy can also cause some severe allergies in dogs. They can also contribute to rapid weight gain in dogs.

Harrington dog foods take their brand name very seriously, and therefore they have never resorted to malpractices like sourcing their proteins from soy and Corn. The same goes for Harrington puppy foods, as the brand is more than just aware of the harmful effects of poorly sourced protein on puppies. That’s why Harrington puppy foods are entirely free from soya and corn-based products. The protein content of Harrington puppy foods is sourced from high-quality sources like Lamb meat, Chicken, and Fish. 

Stay economical

Contrary to common belief, expensive things are not always beneficial or better than their economic counterparts, and the same goes for dog foods. Expensive dog foods are always full of products and ingredients that are more decorative, such as exquisite and rare flavors, aromas, and other such products. Products like these don’t play an active role in the upkeep of your dog’s health, and therefore spending hundreds of bucks in buying such deluxe dog foods might not be a good idea. 

The most important parameter on which one should judge a dog food is its ingredients. If dog food has all the required ingredients and nutrients that a dog needs, owners should go for that dog food product. 

But this also doesn’t mean that you should start being stingy while buying dog foods, as choosing a lousy dog food just for its lower price can badly damage your dog’s health. 

Harrington is a consumer-friendly brand, and therefore they make sure to provide their amazing products like Harrington dog foods and Harrington Puppy foods at a very reasonable price. A wide range of Harrington Puppy foods is generally offered at 9.57 USD per packet. This makes Harrington Puppy foods highly economical than their counterparts.

Read the label carefully 

The most important thing that you must be aware of while choosing a dog food is that the label of the product can tell you a great deal about the dog food, and therefore you should take your time reading the label thoroughly. The label can provide you with the list of all the ingredients used in the production of that particular dog food which can give you a deep understanding of the nutritional value of the dog food in question. It can also give you a good idea of whether the dog food in question can meet your dog’s dietary needs or not based on the concentration of the ingredients present in it.

The labeling of any dog food can also tell you about the brand’s safety record as brans are mandated to show their certifications from regulatory bodies like AAFCO on their labels. We highly advise our worthy readers to never go for a dog food that doesn’t have any recognition from regulatory and safety bodies, no matter how good you think that particular product is. 

Another thing to look for while reading the label of any dog food is to look for particular statements that state whether the food is allergic to dogs or not. This holds especially true when your dog is allergic to certain elements and is susceptible to medical disorders. We also suggest you talk to your Vet about your choice of dog food for your pooch as well. 

Fortunately, Harrington dog food labels are detailed with information about the product in hand, but they also advise the consumer on the right serving size for their dogs based on their weight to provide them with all the nutrients they need.

The same goes for Harrington Puppy foods, as labels present on all Harrington Puppy foods are designed to provide the consumer with all the information he needs about the ingredients present in the Harrington Puppy food. Moreover, the accreditations by organizations like AAFCO are also mentioned on the labeling of each Harrington Puppy food.

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