Dog Food Brands to avoid

Biologically dogs are versatile and diverse creatures with an optimum weight of 4-80 kg (2-175 lbs). Type of breed is the most noticeable feature in normal birth weight.

In puppy’s life the first 2 weeks are spent on seeking warmth, eating and sleeping. External sources of food are rarely required; unless the puppy is orphaned or a bitch is unable to produce enough milk. The puppy must be handreared in these cases.

All the commercially produced dog foods are not equally made. That’s hardly a restriction, yet every product available on the market is convincing how good the product is for their beloved friends.

We all know that there are some food items like certain types of fruit and chocolate, the manufacturers of dog food did their best in promoting each ingredient in their recipes for being advantageous for their companions though.

In this article, we will discuss which ingredients should be avoided and are risky for your pet and which brands should be avoided.

The Worst Dog Food to Avoid

You dog is an edacious tiny beast. They would eat anything that come across, if it were up to them. The canine will wiggle once they empty their food bowl. Feeding them food that doesn’t have nutritional value can cause changes in their mood, health and immunity.

Poorly made dry food and ingredients can

  • Upset their little stomach
  • Make your dog sick
  • Compromise their happiness and health

To avoid this, you need to get familiar with all the products that should not put in the cart. We have one rule, regarding their nutrition.

Premium-quality food can strictly affect the development of canine.

  1. Enhance the living standard
  2. Increase their longevity
  3. Keep their good health throughout the years.

This all is dependent on the treats they eat, so ensure to avoid buying the worst brands of dog food.

It is known that finding the best dry dog food for your canine is a challenge, especially with number of advertisements you come across daily.

It is also very confusing to walk in the store with many different brands of dog food. For you convenience, we have studied many brands and presented you with the brands you should avoid no matter what.

What makes a dog food brand worth avoiding?

So the question is what makes the brands worst to avoid? The simple answer is it is fails to provide a lot of nutrients your pooch require to stay happy and healthy, rather than using various types of filler and versatile low-quality ingredients.

The best part of these food is to fill up their empty stomach and bodies with calories having zero nutritional status however, the worst part is that consumption of such food items makes your pet sick.

Below are the noteworthy ingredients used in low-quality and cheap dog food that is a worst choice for your pooch.

Meat By-products and 4-D Meats

Unluckily, dog food doesn’t have the same premium standards that human food is, letting some brands filled with some confusing ingredients like meat-by-products.

This might have waste of slaughterhouse like organs, bones and specifically any scraps once an animal get slaughtered and barred of everything, packed and sold for consumption by human being.

Though there is some confusion that such by-products are a good source of protein that has no match with highly nutritious proteins that are consumed from actual meat.

The protein must be the main ingredient in the diet of a dog so, it is always a good idea to feed the dog with real meat.

There are far worse by-products in poor quality dog food as compared to only leftovers, it has confusing 4-D meats that stands for dying, disease, disabled and dead.

Corn and Other Fillers

Another factor that manufacturers keep the cost low is utilizing ingredients like wheat, corn, soy and many other ingredients that are used as fillers. They make the quantity of the food more in comparison with the quality and on the surface it increases the amount of calories so that it shows that dog is getting enough meal.

The ingredients surely give a full feeling but they are also a cause of many health problems. Although there are some human food that dogs can eat like soya, corn and are difficult to consume and can be the reason of many digestive and other complications.

Synthetic ingredients

Some dog manufacturers are reluctant to add a bunch of flavorings, food dyes and preservatives in to their food when they really don’t need it.

Be honest.

When was the last time you dog didn’t like the food and it looked unattractive?

Sure, there must be the reason of adding flavors, however, there should be a lot of flavor in the first place, if the dog food has good sources of natural protein and real animal meat.

With all these points, let’s now discuss the worst dog food brands that has come or all these ingredients.

Worst Dog Food Brands to Avoid

Kal Kan Complete Adult

The main ingredient in this brand is corn, which is an immediate and obvious red flag.

Corn is not famous for its premium nutritional ratio. There is a risk of entrance of chemical used for the treatment of corn before harvesting.

Another major ingredient in Kal Kan dog food. Basically this is ground-up animal cartilage and bones though it is not a rich protein source.

Still it has no comparison for dog food that contains real meat as primary ingredient.

Wheat and soybean meal are also present as fillers, and has the same issues as corn and to boost there is a good dose of chicken by-product.

Purina Dog Chow

It might be the cheapest brand available however, it has low nutritional value with actually the harmful one for dog.

Corn is the main ingredient like Kal Kan with a good amount of whole grain and soy bean.

While there is a little amount of real chicken in here, mostly the meat-based ingredients are derived from forms of bone meal and meat along with poultry by-product.

IAMS Dog Food

In first look, IAMS dog food doesn’t look so bad. It has chicken as a main ingredient, which is the best protein source.

It also has a large amount of sorghum and cornmeal used as fillers and provides less nutrition.

Along with the real chicken, it also throws chicken by-product. It also has beet pulp, which is higher in sugar amount that results in weight gain.

Twin Pet Dog Food

It has corn as number-one ingredient. Typically Twin Pet Dog Food is a plant-based diet, although it has meat by-products which are worse as compared to the real meat.

It is also manufactured with large ratio of wheat middlings, which are low-quality and low cost processing cereal grains.


It is the personal Walmart’s brand that promises to provide complete nutrition however, it fails to deliver ultimately.

The main ingredient is corn, along with substantial amounts of meat by-product, soybean meal and ground wheat. It also has a noticeable amount of citric acid used as a preservative.

The brand causes digestive and dental problems, making it a poor choice.

How we evaluated the worst dog food brands?

For this, we consulted many vets to get professional and honest opinion, and did research. Veterinarians are highly competent with a deep knowledge and understanding about the products that keep a dog healthy and happy. We jotted down all our research and findings to share with you the worst dog food brands available.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your dog’s nutrition, as you have seen there are numerous things to check. When opting for their food, you need to have your dog’s need in mind. It is not a great choice for dogs if it contains lots of fillers, flavors, synthetic colorings. Protein is the main ingredient to stay healthy and the main source is real meat so if you are thinking to change the brand, this is the most important thing to consider.

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