Dry Dog food Brands

Pet owners like to inquire about the best dry dog food available in the market? Unluckily. Deceptive marketing, conflicting and thousands of dry dog food options is a big challenge.

You are in the aisle of a fog food with bags and bags of dog food. Do you get attracted to the bag that says natural or to the bag with vibrant colors? It is okay to have a grain-free or grain food? Don’t panic, we all have been there.

When choosing the best dry food for your furry friend, there are few things you should keep in mind. Stay calm as we have studied for you.

Chicken, lamb and boar all are great options to give to your dog. Ensure and check other ingredients as well. When made correctly, fillers in dog foods can contain great nutrients. However, sometimes fillers like corn syrup causes diabetes and obesity.

A standard is established by AAFCO for the manufacturers to follow related to nutrients and formula. The dog food must have the key nutrient on regular basis. Complete and balanced is something to look for when comparing dry food brands for your dog.

The brands mentioned below meet the criteria, to save you from hassle of googling.  Let’s have a look at the brands of dry dog food.

Which dog food brand is best?

According to British Veterinary Association suggestion, any commercially manufactured food in the UK meets the criteria of PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association) guidelines would possess balanced and complete nutritional needs for pets.

Your dog is getting what they need and you don’t need further supplementation, as long as you are buying a complete balanced and commercial dog food.       

Which one? Our research below, highlights Which one is the best and favorite pet food. We also asked them to consider the value of money and either they agree or not with the following statements mentioned below.

  • Difference in the coats of a dog.
  • The pet consumes all the food in one go.
  • As the food is being prepared, the hound shows excitement.
  • Always the bowl is licked empty.

Best Dry Dog Foods

This time we will be discussing the top best brands of dog food available, to make sure that your dog is getting enough goodness, nutrients and flavors that your pooch deserve to have.

We have a wide collection of dog food to meet all the needs and requirements, from vegetarian to high calorie working dog food, grain free dog food and dog food for small breeds.

Arden Grange

You know from the offset that this brand is going to provide the very best for your dog using the tagline ‘nutrition without compromise’.

The brand is manufactured in the UK, everything produced is hypoallergenic, using human-grade meat without artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

With both dry and wet food available in variety of different flavors.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

The formula is derived from the protein source chicken meal and chicken. The analysis of dry matter label tells the product has 13% fat, 27% protein and 52% estimated carbs with a fat-to-protein content almost 50%.

It is highly recommended as it is one of the best grain-inclusive kibbles available on the market.

Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry

This brand is derives majority of its animal protein from chicken and beef meal. The analysis of dry matter reveals that the recipe has 23% fat, estimated carbs 29% and protein 40%.

It is highly recommended for picky eaters because of wide flavor range.

Barking Heads

This is another dog food brand that is well-known because of the creation of premium and high quality dog food. The brand uses only natural products that are not only nutritious and healthy but also very tasty.

The food is free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. The food is enriched with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, minerals, probiotics and vitamins.


The entire range of Canagan dog food has been put together by a professional nutritionist’s team and made to the very highest standards. The brand is hypoallergenic grain-free dog food, making it great option for dogs with sensitive digestion and have intolerance against grains.


Globally, it is the best and biggest dry dog food brand. The brand uses the industry leaders and professionals assisting them to get this finest dog food in terms of taste and nutrition.

As a result of the efforts, resources and time, the food is incredibly healthy and flavorful food.


When it comes dog food, this brand works really hard to gain a reputation, as the best dog food brand around. The brands offers both the dry and wet varieties of mouth-watering meal. The food offers the best puppy food; which makes the food attractive to pets and their owners.


When it comes to gluten free dog food, pero is one of the best brand. It is in the market for more than 25 years. The brand offers the food for almost every dog type and the pet is able to get the most in case of nutrition.

It has a variety of breed specific range that has been formulated to fulfill the specific or unusual nutritional requirements of a dog.


With a deep focus on formulating the healthiest and nutritious dog food available, the food uses 100% natural ingredients to provide with the vitamins and minerals that are required by the bodies of a dog for the proper functioning of a body.

The food is good for both the internal and external health as the fatty acid improves the coat and promotes the health of a skin.


The brand offers the unique ad bespoke diet for dogs. It has an aim towards the health from meals that contain higher amount of meat. It is freshly prepared with a single source of protein, along with the addition of herbs, fruits and botanicals.

The food is free from gluten, grain and potato, make them healthy without affecting the great taste.

How much should I feed my dog?

Make sure you are giving the correct amount of food to your pooch by measuring out on a set of weighing scale for each meal. Some extra bits of food might not seem a lot, however, it can contribute massively to weight gain.

Studies revealed that 59% dog owners measure the quantity of dog food.

There are feeding guidelines mentioned at the back side of the commercially available dog food package depending on the weight of the dog and activity levels. Ask your vet, if you are not sure.

You vet is there to help and advise you on how often you should feed your dog, depending on the needs.

How to choose the right dog food

When choosing the right dog food, here something you have to look for and to avoid.

Look for:

  • Go for food that is appropriate according to the age of a dog.
  • Commercially available food with the complete written on the package.


  • Human food and table leftovers as it can affect the diet
  • Serving bones as they can be the reason of blockage and cause harm to your pet.

The Bottom Line

The health of a dog is mandatory thing to consider. The owners spent a lot of money on their pets to maintain the overall health of a dog.

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