Best Dog food for English Bulldogs?

This breed is unique with special requirements and care. The origin of the breed in England and used for sport and fighting. But now English is known as passive animals that will spend more time sitting back rather than performing healthy tasks.

Famous for their different appearance, this breed is a loveable pet for any family. Their distinctive bodies lead to many health-related concerns.

Bulldogs need premium-quality dog food for the maintenance of optimal health. As long as premium quality ingredients are used that are important for the health of your dog, it doesn’t matter either the food is made commercially or home-made.

Before serving your dog a new type of food always discuss with experts and must assure you serve your pet with proper ingredients and nutrients. Ensure that the dog food is appropriate according to age. All you need to do is to provide Bulldog puppy with different food as compared to Bulldog adult.

In the case of bulldog seniors, the dietary requirements are different than adults and puppies. The weight of your dog is another point to keep in mind. Particularly this breed is susceptible to gain in weight and becoming obese. For this reason, you have to keep a check on the caloric intake and the puppy’s weight. Fat bulldogs might look cute, but they are not healthy.

In this article, we will discuss about the best dog food for English Bulldogs.

What is the best dog food for English Bulldogs?

For a balanced diet, one of the best ingredients is protein. For the development of strong and thin muscle, all dogs need enough amount of protein. Protein is the main nutrient for the body type of English bulldog.

The protein helps to build muscles in puppies and in adults, it helps in the maintenance of lean muscle. Along with protein, the amount of fat is also important as it provides energy for a pup.

Though fat is good, however, it is important to keep a balance in fat ratio and keep it in moderate amount. The pup should ideally get fat and protein from animal sources. This is because the digestive system of a Bulldog is designed for this kind of food.

After fat in moderate amount and protein comes the carbohydrate which should be consumed by Bulldogs to get the best benefits from the essential nutrients, energy, and fiber. It is good to serve carbs from digestible sources including legumes, beans, grains, and vegetables.

You may need to skip the grains from your dog’s food and stick to other sources of carbs as some English Bulldogs may be susceptible to allergies. To make sure your dog is getting enough amount of fiber, go for the food items that have prebiotic fibers with 5% total fiber content.

In addition to fats, carbs, and protein your English bulldog may get advantages from some supplements. The chelated minerals are the best supplements to provide support to joints and bones along with protein molecules to improve chondroitin, glucosamine, and absorption.

Do Bulldogs have special dietary needs?

The breed is of medium-size. Typically bulldogs can live around 8-10 years which is a short life cycle for these sized dogs. The short life expectancy might be because of many health conditions for which Bulldogs are at the risk.

Patellar luxation, gastric torsion, allergies, reverse sneezing, cherry eye, brachycephalic syndrome, hip dysplasia, and skin fold dermatitis are the common health conditions for Bulldogs.

Eye Conditions common in Bulldogs

Bulldogs are susceptible to the development of eye conditions like cherry eye, dry eye, and entropion.

Cherry eye

A condition when the glands present underneath the eyelid project to the eye corners.


The growth of the eyelids towards the inner side causes irritation in the eyes.

Dry eyes

The production of tears is not enough resulting in dry eyes.

Musculoskeletal Conditions Common in Bulldogs

The mass of the body and compressed build may develop many different musculoskeletal conditions in English bulldogs. Hip dysplasia, a common problem that causes joint and hip pain might develop in your dog.

Patellar luxation is another common musculoskeletal condition with kneecaps slips out of position.

The dogs are more prone to develop arthritis if your bulldog has wither patellar luxation and hip dysplasia. By supplementing your pup with glucosamine and chondroitin you can help manage these health concerns.

These supplements also help to minimize the risk of the development of arthritis later on.

Food Allergies Common in Bulldogs

In English Bulldogs have common health conditions like food allergies and obesity. Any type of food can be the reason for allergies to your pet. Bulldogs are most commonly susceptible to food allergies to ingredients like wheat, corn wheat, and grains.

 Food allergies related to certain proteins are common. English bulldogs are prone to the development of allergies to foods like chicken, pork, or beef. Try serving dogs a diet free of grains if you are worried about the development of food allergies in pups.

To reduce the risk of developing an allergy you may also want to limit the amount of some types of food.

Bloating (Gastric torsion) is a condition where the stomach twists around and cuts the flow of blood to the heart of a dog. This problem occurs if your pup drinks too much water or overeats too quickly.

Best Dog Foods for English Bulldogs

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Prairie- Best Overall

This recipe is one of the most like and top choice dog food for the breed. It is designed by one of the most famous dogs food brands, it has meat as the main ingredient and offers many different flavors.

Real buffalo is the first ingredient in this recipe, with many other protein supplemental sources, including beef, bison, and venison. The ingredients help to make muscles strong.

It also has 32% protein, grain-free carbohydrates, and several essential fatty acids. The recipe is loved as the roasted meat helps to provide dogs with good energy and we don’t have to take any tension regarding the allergic reactions.

Lastly to easily obtain a healthy weight it combines probiotics and fatty acids.


Free of grains Not free of GMO
Supports healthy skin and coat For some dogs, fat content might be too high
No preservatives or artificial colors  
Recipe enriched with nutrients and fatty acids  

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula- Best for Adult Dogs

The formula is specifically designed for breeds that have an issue with weight gain, like the English bulldog, this recipe helps to make sure there is the maintenance of healthy weight by your dog.

The Brown Rice and Adult Fish recipe is manufactured using deboned whitefish and many other natural ingredients that are surely loved by your dog.

As it addresses a major problem faced commonly by the breed- weight gain we consider this product to be one of the best dog food. It has fiber-enriched ingredients to keep your dog satisfied. This food is also budget-friendly.

This product is loved as it has all the essential proteins and carbohydrates required to cater to the energy levels of the dog. The fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) help to promote a healthy coat and skin.

This meal supports the immunity system of your dog along with the maintenance of healthy oxidative balance, like all minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in this recipe were selected carefully and combined by holistic veterinarians and nutritionists.


Maintains healthy weight Not grain-free
The main ingredient is meat Some issues with reputation
Joint health promotion  
Ensures healthy digestion  
Calcium makes the bones and teeth strong  

Earthborn Holistic Grain-free Recipe- Best food for Bulldogs with allergies

It is important to choose a product that contains all-natural ingredients if your bulldog has or is susceptible to allergies. Along with all-natural and being holistic, the recipe is designed only with some main ingredients, which help to reduce allergies and sensitivities.

The main animal protein source is rabbit meat that complements with fresh pumpkin to provide the right carbohydrate amount. It also contains many omega fatty acids to make sure healthy skin and coat, whereas the dried fermentation products help in optimal nutrient absorption and digestion.

As an owner of a dog, you will be pleased to know that your loyal companion will like a different meal with special ingredients like selenium and phosphorus.


Supports healthy heart A bit costly
Non-GMO, Grain-free For some dogs, fiber content might be too high
Chelated minerals  
Packaging is environment friendly  
Royal Canin Adult Dry Dog Food- Best for Bulldogs prone to Gassiness

It is a breed-specific recipe made for the requirements of bulldogs and is designed by a brand that is known to be top-quality.

As a pet parent of a bulldog, you are familiar with how challenging and difficult is to go for the right kind of food.

The brand also designs a puppy version for the specific product, which is the best dog food for bulldog puppies.

The recipe is designed with an optimal combination of precise fiber and carbohydrate sources, this products improve the digestive system and reduces the flatulence of your dog.

To reinforce skin health, it is fortified with essential nutrients and fish oil while the shape of the kibble is wave-like so that the dog can easily pick it up. This recipe also protects the dog from wrinkle infections and demodectic mange.



Reduces bloating and gas The diet is not perfect for bulldogs or puppies below 12 months of age.
Promotes the health of the skin  
Improves the health of joints  

Canidae All Life Stages Dog Food- Best Versatile Product

This recipe is best for all life stages and is manufactured using high—quality ingredients that will be beneficial for your dog their whole life. It is best as it has no artificial fillers or ingredients.

Soy, wheat, or corn are suitable ingredients for English Bulldogs. Additionally, the sources of protein include fish meal, lamb meal, turkey, and chicken meal while it uses brown rice, peas, and papaya for carbs.

The food also has an excellent blend of prebiotics and probiotics that help to improve the digestive functions of your dog.


No allergens Costly
Made using premium-quality proteins  
Suitable for all ages  

Buying Guide

Following points to be kept in mind while purchasing the best dog food for English bulldogs.

  • Nutritional needs-

The bulldogs require a specific diet that is not commonly known. The weight of the full-grown bulldog is 50 pounds and requires 1300 calories minimum on daily basis.

The extra calories will prevent health problems and nutrient deficiencies. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Older bulldogs need fewer calories depending on their metabolism and activity level.

  • Ingredients- The main ingredient should be premium quality meats like turkey, lamb, pork meal, fish, beef, and chicken meal. The food should be without fillers.


A portion of good dog food is important to keep a dog healthy and happy in all areas of its life regardless of the breed. The diet of the bulldog either bad or good will affect the muscle tone and joint strength, his coat and skin health, digestive well-being, and energy levels. Feeding the right food could save his life literally.

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