Best Dog Food for Huskies

The owner of a Siberian or Alaskan husky, you must know their mischievous and friendly deeds. The huskies are very playful and friendly however, sometimes the huskies are naughty and escape their masters.

The unique dog breeds are very selective in terms of the food they eat. Now the question here is what is the best food for the Siberian huskies? The answer is dependent on the age of the dog and the source of the dog food (grain or grain-free).

There is so much information present related to the best dog food for huskies and it is tough to decide and select the best dog food for Siberian huskies.

The huskies are famous for its fluffy coat and vibrant eyes. The dog is mainly bred for work purpose. It is charming and can pull heavy objects for long distances. The specie are made for snowy and cold places and are best for icy places.

In this article, we will discuss about the best dog food for huskies.

Diet and Nutrition of Huskies

The weight of huskies varies between 35 to 60 pounds and the female dogs are smaller than the male dogs. You can see easily that the dog is huge and need a lot of proteinous diet.

A total of 1,358 calories are required by a Husky of about 50 pounds. This is the daily requirement of a husky. A lot more calories are required by an active Husky.

Age, weight and metabolism are the main points to consider for this.

What nutrients does a Husky need?

Huskies require more protein and fat for their energetic lifestyle, and they also need a lot of good quality vegetable, fruit and meat sources. Below are some of the things you must consider before buying food for huskies.

Two to Three Meat Proteins

Majority of the dog foods available now have one meat protein. This thing might go for regular dogs, but not suitable for huskies. You must take a look for food with first and foremost ingredient, real meal.

Try to look fir whole meat like chicken, beef, lamb and fish. Consider meat meals from the ingredients and ensure they are properly named. Don’t go for dog food with unknown meat meals.

Healthy Fats

For the development of your dogs, protein is a good nutrient. You need healthy fats if you want to ensure that the dogs consumed enough energy through whole day.

You can analyze ingredients and go for canola oil or flaxseed and chicken fat. These are healthy and food sources and plus the seeds also give extra health benefits.

Omega 3s

This is an important fatty-acid help in maintenance of coat and skin of the dogs. You have to take extra care of the lovely fur of huskies. The diet plays a significant role on the health of a husky.

Go for dog foods that has Omega 3 fatty acids because not all dog foods have it.


This Omega-3 fatty acids is very important for the development of brain and eye of your Husky puppies. This is very important, during the early ages of your Husky.

This is the time when their eyes and brains are developing, therefore more DHA is required for their mental development.


Huskies also require carbohydrates to maintain the blood sugar. But the amount of carbohydrates should be less in dog food.

In the market you will see a lot of dog foods with sweet potato as an ingredient. Don’t panic as dogs like them and are a great carbohydrate source.

High-Calorie Foods

One point should be kept in mind that Huskies skip meals always. Sometimes they won’t eat even if you put food on their plate. So this makes you feed the dogs with dog food that is full of nutrients and calories.

You have to adjust meals and ensure to provide calories and nutrients.

Lactose or Gluten Intolerant

Some husky breeds are gluten or lactose-sensitive. So it is good to avoid foods with milk, skim milk powder, wheat and whey.

The Best Dog Foods for Huskies

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food

Taste of the Wild gives the most suitable dry kibble for huskies particularly Wetlands. It is famous for a long time and is liked by the owners of Siberian husky.

 It is enriched with antioxidants along with pre and probiotics digestive enzymes. It is one of the best dog food with fish for huskies.


The food is healthy and delicious and provides with the best quality ingredients and use novel proteins; quail, turkey and real fresh duck.

Health benefits

  • It has omega-3 fatty acid for the healthy coat and skin.
  • Protein source cause no stomach problems and improves digestion.

Key information

Taste of the Wild/Wetlands have

  • 37%  fat
  • 29%  protein
  • 33%  carbohydrates


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Brand: Taste of the Wild


Contain high quality zinc forms Kibble uses chicken-meal and chicken is allergen and not good for sensitive huskies.
Lower in carbohydrates  
High quality protein sources  

ORIJEN Premium Dry Dog Food: Six Fish

It is the one of the best and high quality dog food brand. It is the expensive brand bur still gets the highest reviews as compared to other dog food.


The recipe uses organic ingredients with 85% content made of pure organs, cartilage, whole meat and bone.

15% content is botanicals and vegetables. The brand ensured to use 2/3 animal content (raw or fresh) to fulfill the requirement of husky’s food.

6-fish is specially recommended to stay away from common allergens like (lamb, pork, beef or chicken).

What is six fish?

It has fresh and raw Pacific pilchard, hake, flounder, mackerel, sole and rockfish. They all are caught from Vancouver Island coastline.

Health benefits

  • Good for stomach
  • Getting large amount of fish oil
  • Fatty acids for immunity and health

Key information

The recipe contains

  • 40% fat
  • 37% protein
  • 23% carbohydrates


  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Brand: Orijen


First five ingredients Expensive
Whole organic ingredients  
Low carbs, high fat and protein  
DHA, EPA, omega 3 and 6 fatty acid  

IAMS Senior Dry Dog Food

For many years, IAMS has been a famous product for many pet owners. It is offering both a good quality ingredients and is affordable. Generally, the ingredients are formulated for all dog breeds and is best for elderly puppies.

The recipe fulfill the needs of large breed dogs.


First ingredient is real chicken along with chicken by-product for more nutrients and proteins.  

It also has wholesome grains, barley, sorghum, whole corn packed with fiber.

Health benefits

  • Support growth and development of muscles.
  • Healthy digestion

Key information

  • Crude fat 12.5%
  • Crude protein 22.5%


  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Brand: IAMS


Fibers and probiotics for health of digestive system Might cause diarrhea
Antioxidants for strong immunity  
Healthy joints and bones  

Acana Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The recipe has no grain and unnecessary filler. It gives the best nutrients, plus because of freshness of ingredients. The recipe is made in US, and award winning. As the ingredients are simple so can be suitable for all ages of dogs.


Almost 70% of the ingredients used are from highly proteinous animals that makes husky active and fighting.

30% ingredients are fresh vegetables and fruits.

Health benefits

  • Maintain the optimum nutrition
  • Good for health


  • Weight: 12.9 pounds
  • Brand: Acana


Local and sustainable meat sources Not available easily
Biological appropriate recipes No option of wet food
Grain-inclusive and grain-free recipes  

Diamond Premium Recipe Hi-Energy Dog Food

The brand is known to bring high protein and high quality products. This is the best option for active dog owners like huskies.


Highly proteinous with chicken as a main ingredient along with antioxidants, probiotics and omega fatty acids.

Health benefits

  • Maintain the internal health
  • Fur will be lustrous and shiny
  • Antioxidants and probiotics runs the process of digestion smoothly.


  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Brand: Diamond


Grain-free Expensive
All recipes have guaranteed probiotics Sold only at recommended retailers.
Online available from retailer  

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

The brand is the best one for huskies as it provides all the vitamins and ingredients for healthy and strong growth.

It is the recipe for the dogs who are on diet.


It has chicken, brewer’s rice, yellow peas, chicken meal and cracked pealed barley.

Health benefits

  • Good for digestive problems
  • Manage coat and skin of huskies
  • Omega-6 for healthy brain

Key information

  • 50% estimated carbs
  • 26% protein
  • 16% fat


  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Brand: Hills Science


Proteinous Inclusive of grain
Maintain digestive health Bland flavor
Improvement of coat  

Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The recipe is enriched with the fermentation products of 5 gut-friendly probiotic organisms.


Chicken, fish and lamb as main protein source with grain inclusive.

Health benefits

Wholesome and healthy for long-term health of a dog.

Key information

  • 22% protein
  • 14% fat


  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Brand: Blue Buffalo


Variety of flavors Grains-inclusive
Affordable High calories

Complete Guide to Dog Food for Huskies

The owners want their dog to spend a long and healthy life and choosing the best and right food is very important to stay healthy and happy. Some of the points to be kept in mind while buying their food.

Every dog is different

If the dog is pure Syberian husky, there are some health and behavior problems as compared to the others of the breed.

Every dog is different and unique. Few points are there to make your dog look unique.

  • Size
  • History
  • Activity level
  • Age

Common health issues in Husky

The lifespan of husky 12-14 years, which is normally high for a medium to large breeds. There are some health issues that are common apart from strong, hearty dogs.

  • Eye diseases
  • Skin infection
  • Hip Dysplasia

Tips for introducing new food

  • Timing
  • Maintenance of patterns
  • Senior food
  • Be patient

Food to be avoided

  • Dairy
  • Cherries
  • Citrus fruits
  • Raw eggs
  • Prunes
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Onions
  • Undercooked or raw meat
  • Garlic

Nutritional requirement for a Husky

  • Husky puppies
  • Minimum proteins 22%
  • Fats 8%
  • Husky adults
  • Minimum proteins 18%
  • Fats 5%
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus and calcium
  • Vit. E
  • Probiotics


The selection of best dog food for husky should not be a decision of life and death. The dogs being the part of families deserve food important for the mental and physical health. The huskies are very playful and friendly however, sometimes the huskies are naughty and escape their masters. The unique dog breeds are very selective in terms of the food they eat. So select the food accordingly.


What foods are bad for Huskies?

Grapes are raisins have harmful compounds that are not good for dogs. They cause quick kidney failure and death. Small amounts of such foods even make them sick.

How many times a day should I feed my husky?

A pup of a husky should be given food 3-4 times generally. An adult switch to 2 meals with time.

Are huskies picky eaters?

No, the huskies are not picky eaters and normally very excited about meal time like other breeds of dogs. Husky might not like eating because of some illness, old age or because of same food.

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