Can Dogs Eat Spinach? Everything You Need to Know About Spinach

Spinach is the best source of vitamins A, C & K. It is enriched with antioxidants and iron, full of fiber, and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent part of human food.

Spinach is great for the health of teeth, hair and bones, and fiber that maintains the health of the gut.

It is a superfood that provides many nutritional advantages for humans, but the question is can our pets eat spinach, as well? Feeding spinach ultimately is a confusing topic.

As spinach is normally safe for dogs to eat, but the owners must be careful about few things before giving this leafy vegetable to pets.

The dogs can eat spinach as the leafy green vegetable provides many nutrients that are helpful for digestive problems. However, some points must be kept in mind before adding spinach to your dog’s meal.

Consult your pet before serving any human food to your beloved dog.

In this article, we will discuss all about dogs and spinach. Let’s start.

Nutritional facts of Spinach

According to studies done by USDA, below is the nutritional status for 100 grams of raw spinach.

  • Calories                     23
  • Protein                      2.86g
  • Fat                              0.39g
  • Carbohydrates        3.63g
  • Dietary fiber                        2.2g
  • Vitamin A                  9380IU
  • Luten+zeaxanthin  12200mcg
  • Vitamin E                  2.03mg
  • Vitamin C                  28.1mg
  • Potassium                 558mg
  • Magnesium              79mg

Can dogs eat spinach?

Yes, the dogs can eat spinach. It provides the same amount of nutrients to our dogs. While spinach should not be the entire meal of a dog, including spinach leaves to the food of a dog help to provide extra fiber and vitamins.

The extra amount of fiber gives a fuller feeling, and for the dogs on a diet, the leafy vegetable is a good addition and to maintain the feeling of satisfaction in between meals.

If you notice any kidney problems, you must consult your vet before introducing them to the whole spinach. A chemical in spinach Oxalate attaches to calcium and can contribute a strain on the kidneys.

When is spinach bad for fogs?

Like humans, spinach should be given in normal amounts. Dogs are carnivores that mean their diet must include 75%-85% meat.

Spinach contains less protein, so giving them large amounts can cause a deficiency in nutrients like amino acids.

The vegetable has a high amount of oxalic acid, a compound that hinders calcium absorption in the body and can damage the kidneys.

Calcium plays a vital role in many body functions like bone growth and density, regulation of blood pressure, control the amount of insulin secretion, and promoting the formation of a blood clot.

The owners of dogs should be extra careful while serving spinach to puppies as the kidneys are still developing; thus, it is the cause of urinary health problems in them.

But the consumption of spinach for a long time might result in abnormal heart rhythms, kidney damage, muscle weakness, and even respiratory paralysis.

The leafy vegetables also contain relatively high sodium levels, which is the cause of health issues in dogs.

How much spinach be given to dogs?

Your dog doesn’t require much spinach to enjoy their awesome advantages of health. The addition of 1-3 tablespoons of chopped spinach to their food enhances the ratio of fiber and gives a huge boost to their food.

Gentle steaming spinach before inclusion in the dog’s food makes it easier to digest while and mentioning all the nutrients.

How can you make Spinach Dog treats at home?

The spinach, apple, and carrot dog treats are very healthy, nutritious, and easy to make.

The ingredients you need are

  • Chickpea flour 4 cups
  • Cored apple ½ cup
  • Eggs 2
  • Baby carrots ½ cup
  • French spinach 1 ½ cup
  • Water ¼ cup
  • Olive oil 1 tsp.

Oven is preheated to a temp of 350 degrees. Take a mixing bowl, mix eggs, oil and flour. Puree the carrots, apples, spinach, and water.

Use a blender or a food processor. Until combined, mix the pureed veggies with the flour mixture. Bake for 15 minutes till the corners turn golden brown.

What are the serving ideas?

Give your pet soft-cooked spinach (no onions, garlic, butter, salt, or pepper), and make sure to dice the leaves well before serving. Wash and rinse the leaves before cooking to clean any residues of pesticides.

You might introduce spinach into normal dog food, so it is easy to chew and swallow. Spinach is served sparingly and occasionally and ensures that the dog doesn’t suffer from any bad effects (vomiting or diarrhea) before serving again.

How to add spinach to your dog’s diet?

If you want to incorporate this healthy food into your pet’s meal, there are few things to be conscious of. The makeup and chemistry of the digestive system of a dog are different from humans, so they can’t always eat foods prepared the way that we would like to eat.

  • Steaming, blanching, and pureeing the spinach make it easier to digest. The best way is steaming, as boiling affects the nutritional quality.
  • No additives as they can harm dogs or cause GI issues.
  • To facilitate digestion, chop the spinach to help indigestion.
  • Avoid serving to dogs with kidney problems
  • Make sure your dog maintains the water level of its body to expel oxalic acid present in spinach
  • Like all other foods, spinach should also be introduced into the pet’s diet slowly. Too much quantity results in vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach upset.

Dog food with Spinach

If you don’t want to prepare the spinach but want to enjoy the benefits of spinach, or you are worried to about the exact quantity, go for food that has spinach in its list of ingredients.

The varieties of Hungry Bark dry food have spinach along with other super food ingredients like blueberries, cranberries, and flaxseed.

The recipes were formulated to provide the pup with all the nutrients they require at all stages of life.

All the recipes of this brand are approved by veterinarians, and the health of a dog is their first preference. The best thing is all the ingredients present can be checked directly to the source.

As a pet owner, if you are not sure about the addition of some vegetables to the dog’s food, discuss with your vet, and they will advise you accordingly.

What are the pros and cons of Spinach?


  1. Contains a large amount of vitamins like A, B, C & K.
  2. It contains antioxidants, iron, beta-carotene to improve digestion.


  1. A high amount of oxalic acid inhibits the absorption of calcium and cause kidney damage
  2. Muscle weakness, abnormal rhythms, and even respiratory paralysis are also some harmful causes of long-term spinach consumption.

The Bottom-line

Spinach in moderate amount is a healthy vegetable for dogs; however, high consumption results in certain health issues like kidney failure and health of the heart.

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