Exclusive Dog Food: Uncover the Top Choices

A premium brand of dog food called “Exclusive Dog Food” is renowned for its premium ingredients and innovative formulas to satisfy the particular nutritional requirements of dogs. It is made to give dogs the best nourishment possible and to enhance their general health and wellbeing.

By providing a variety of specialized formulae that address certain nutritional needs, Exclusive Dog Food differentiates itself from other dog food manufacturers. Options for pups, adult dogs, elderly dogs, and breeds with particular dietary demands or sensitivities are all included in this. The company aims to provide specialised solutions for individuals, understanding that different life phases and specific health situations necessitate varied nutritional profiles.

Exclusive Dog Food places a strong focus on using premium ingredients, which is one of its main selling points. The company uses quality proteins as the main component of its recipes, such as actual meat, chicken, or fish. To provide dogs with a balanced and wholesome meal, these proteins are frequently paired with a variety of healthy grains, vegetables, and fruits. The components are carefully chosen to offer the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support a healthy body, strong muscles, a smooth coat, and good skin.

Due to the fact that it is frequently purchased from specialised pet stores or online merchants, the accessibility of Exclusive Dog Food may differ depending on the location. To meet varying dog sizes and owner preferences, it is often supplied in a variety of sizes and packaging alternatives.

Exclusive dog food is the genuine deal when it comes to giving your pet friend unrivaled nourishment and enjoyment. To make sure that your pet receives the vital nutrients they require to be healthy and happy, this dog food carefully selected premium ingredients from reputable suppliers. Its formulas are all about genuine meat, whole grains, and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that dogs adore, so say goodbye to fake trash and fillers. Whether your dog is a young puppy or an experienced senior, it has solutions that are specially crafted to meet its unique nutritional requirements. When it comes to providing the finest for your faithful friend, pet parents who are concerned about their dog’s health always go for premium dog food.

Explore Exclusive Dog Food’s universe and learn how we’re changing the “woof” factor in the dog food industry!

Product line

Below is the product line of Exclusive Dog Food with rating.

Exclusive Large Breed Adult4
Exclusive Healthy Weight Adult4
Exclusive Performance 30/204
Exclusive Adult Chicken and Brown Rice4
Exclusive Large Breed Puppy4
Exclusive Senior Chicken and Brown Rice4
Exclusive Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice4
Exclusive All Life Stages Lamb and Brown Rice4


Here are the key ingredients found in Exclusive Dog Food:

  1. Chicken: A superior source of protein that promotes the growth of muscles and general well-being.
  2. Chicken meal, a concentrated type of chicken that supports joints and aids in maintaining healthy cartilage, is a source of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  3. Whole grain brown rice: A nourishing carbohydrate that offers vital minerals and energy.
  4. Cracked pearled barley: A fiber-rich and nutritious carbohydrate that helps with digestion.
  5. Brewers rice: A by-product of rice milling that gives food texture and flavour..
  6. Muesli: A nutritious grain that supports digestive health and provides nutritional fibre.
  7. Turkey is a great source of lean protein for maintaining muscle..
  8. Dried plain beet pulp: A component high in fiber that promotes good digestion..
  9. Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for a lustrous coat and healthy skin.
  10. Natural flavour: Enhances the food’s flavour without using artificial additives.
  11. Product made from dried eggs: Offers extra protein and vital amino acids.
  12. Flaxseed: An abundant supply of omega-3 fatty acids for the health of the heart and brain.
  13. Fish meal: Provides extra protein and omega-3 fatty acids for wholesome skin and hair.
  14. Salt: Offers necessary minerals for all body processes.
  15. Potassium chloride, which helps to keep the right electrolyte balance..
  16. A variety of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, and cobalt. Also included are vitamin E, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin K, folic acid, biotin, and vitamin B12. These vitamins and minerals promote general health and vigour.
  17. Dried yeast: An organic source of nutrients and B vitamins that promotes digestion.
  18. Salmon oil, which is a source of EPA and DHA, is high in omega-3 fatty acids and helps to maintain healthy skin, fur, and joints.
  19. Choline chloride is necessary for the proper operation of the brain and the neurological system.
  20. Fruits high in antioxidants that enhance immunological function include blueberries and cranberries.
  21. The prebiotic inulin, found in dried chicory root, promotes intestinal health.
  22. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that might help with joint health.
  23. L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, a type of vitamin C that helps the immune system, is a source of ascorbic acid.
  24. Mixed tocopherols and citric acid: Natural preservatives to keep freshness.
  25. L-carnitine: Aids in maintaining a healthy weight and converting fat into energy.
  26. Yucca schidigera extract, a plant extract that helps to lessen stoma odour, is number 26.
  27. Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and helps to maintain healthy immune and visual systems.
  28. Rosemary extract, a natural antioxidant that keeps food fresh, is number 28.
  29. Rosemary extract: An all-natural antioxidant that helps keep food fresh.
  30. Probiotic strains, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium, which promote a healthy gut flora.
  31. A variety of dried fermentation extracts, such as those from the digestive aids Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma longibrachiatum.
  32. Promotes a healthy digestive system: Dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation extrac.
Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis25%13%NA
Dry Matter Basis28%14%50%
Calorie Weighted Basis25%31%44%

Calorie Weighted Basis

Ingredients Analysis:

Let’s analyze the ingredients in this Canine food.

The primary ingredient is chicken, which is a quality item. However, raw chicken contains a high percentage of water, up to 73%. After cooking, most of the moisture is lost, significantly reducing the meat content.

Considering the processing, this ingredient would likely contribute to a smaller portion of the final product.

The second ingredient is chicken meal, which is a concentrated form of meat and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

The third ingredient is brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that is easily digestible when cooked. However, besides providing energy, rice has limited nutritional value for dogs.

Barley is the next ingredient, which is a starchy carbohydrate that provides fiber and other nutrients. However, similar to rice, barley has modest nutritional value for dogs, apart from its energy content.

The fifth ingredient is brewers rice, a by-product of milling whole rice. It primarily consists of small fragments left over after the process. Besides its caloric energy, brewers rice has limited nutritional value for dogs.

Oatmeal is a sixth ingredient, is a whole-grain product made from coarsely ground oats. It is naturally rich in B-vitamins and dietary fiber, and depending on its purity, it may be gluten-free.

Moving on, the seventh ingredient is turkey meal, another concentrated source of protein.

The eighth ingredient is beet pulp, a fiber-rich by-product of sugar beet processing. There is controversy surrounding beet pulp, with some considering it as an inexpensive filler, while others argue it offers intestinal health and blood sugar benefits. In moderate amounts, the inclusion of beet pulp is generally acceptable in most dog foods.

Chicken fat is the ninth ingredient, obtained from rendering chicken. It is high in linoleic acid, an essential omega-6 fatty acid for dogs. Despite its unappealing name, chicken fat is a quality ingredient.

The list continues with several other ingredients, but realistically, those located further down the list (except for nutritional supplements) are unlikely to significantly impact the overall rating of this Exclusive Signature product.

However, there are seven notable exceptions:

  1. First, flaxseed is an excellent plant source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Ground flax seeds also provide soluble fiber. It’s important to consider that flaxseed contains about 19% protein when assessing the actual meat content of this dog food.
  2. Next, fish meal is included, which is another concentrated source of protein derived from clean, dried, and ground fish tissue. The specific fish species used in this ingredient is not disclosed, which would have been preferable for information purposes.
  3. The recipe also contains chicory root, which is rich in inulin—a starch-like compound that acts as a natural source of soluble dietary fiber and serves as a prebiotic to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.
  4. Sodium selenite is another ingredient, representing a controversial form of selenium mineral. It appears to be nutritionally inferior compared to selenium yeast, which is a more natural source of selenium.
  5. Brewer’s yeast is present as well, and it can be a subject of controversy. This ingredient, derived from the beer-making process, is rich in minerals and other beneficial nutrients. Supporters believe that yeast repels fleas and supports the immune system, while critics argue that it may be linked to allergies. However, yeast allergies are specific to individual dogs. Unless there is a known yeast allergy, it can still be considered a nutritious additive. Brewer’s yeast contains about 48% protein, which should be considered when evaluating the overall meat content.
  6. Chelated minerals are also included in this food, which refers to minerals chemically attached to protein. This enhances their absorption and is typically found in higher-quality dog foods.
  7. Lastly, the presence of menadione is noted. Menadione is a controversial form of vitamin K associated with liver toxicity, allergies, and abnormal breakdown of red blood cells. Since AAFCO doesn’t require vitamin K in its nutrient profiles, the use of this ingredient in any canine recipe raises questions.

In summary, while analyzing the ingredients of this dog food, it’s essential to consider the notable exceptions mentioned above. The inclusion of these ingredients and their potential benefits or concerns should be considered when evaluating the overall quality of the Exclusive Signature product.

Nutrient Analysis

Based on the provided information, the Exclusive Signature Dog Food appears to be an above-average dry product in terms of its ingredients.

The dry matter protein reading of 28% indicates a decent protein content in the product. The fat level of 14% is considered average, and the estimated carbohydrate content is around 50%. When looking at the brand as a whole, it has an average protein content of 29% and a mean fat level of 16%. This suggests that the carbohydrate content for the entire product line is approximately 47%.

The fat-to-protein ratio is calculated to be around 53%, which indicates a relatively balanced ratio between fat and protein in the dog food.

Taking into consideration the protein-boosting effect of ingredients like flaxseed, alfalfa meal, and brewer’s yeast, it suggests that this kibble contains a substantial amount of meat.

Overall, it is one of the exclusive chicken and rice dog food and Signature product line seems to have above-average protein, near-average fat, and near-average carbohydrate levels compared to typical dry dog foods.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude ProteinMinimum29.0%
Crude FatMinimum18.0%
Crude FiberMaximum4.5%
Eicosapentaenoic + Docosahexaenoic AcidMinimum0.052%
ZincMinimum200 mg/kg
SeleniumMinimum0.35 mg/kg
Vitamin AMinimum15,000 IU/kg
Vitamin EMinimum400 IU/kg
Ascorbic AcidMinimum50 mg/kg
L-CarnitineMinimum30 mg/kg
Beta CaroteneMinimum5 mg/kg
Omega-6 Fatty AcidsMinimum3.5%
Omega-3 Fatty AcidsMinimum0.5%

Benefits of high-quality dog food:

  1. Balanced nutrition: High-quality dog foods are formulated to provide a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals that meet a dog’s nutritional needs.
  2. Healthy growth and development: Proper nutrition supports healthy growth and development in puppies, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for their growing bodies.
  3. Improved energy and vitality: Quality dog food can contribute to increased energy levels and overall vitality in dogs.
  4. Healthy skin and coat: Nutrient-rich dog food can help promote a healthy skin and coat, reducing issues like dryness, itching, and excessive shedding.
  5. Strong immune system: A well-formulated diet can support a strong immune system, helping dogs fight off diseases and infections.
  6. Better digestion: High-quality ingredients and optimal nutrient content can aid in proper digestion and reduce the likelihood of digestive issues such as diarrhea or constipation.
  7. Dental health: Some dog foods are designed to promote dental health, including ingredients that help reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Potential side effects of dog food:

  1. Allergies or sensitivities: Certain ingredients in dog food, such as grains, meats, or additives, may trigger allergic reactions or sensitivities in some dogs.
  2. Digestive issues: Poor-quality ingredients or imbalanced nutrition can lead to digestive problems like diarrhea, gas, or upset stomach.
  3. Weight issues: Inappropriate portion sizes or excessive calorie content in dog food can contribute to weight gain or obesity in dogs.
  4. Dental problems: Some dog food formulations may not provide enough chewing stimulation, leading to dental issues like plaque buildup or gum disease.
  5. Inadequate nutrient profile: Low-quality dog food may lack essential nutrients or contain inappropriate ratios, potentially leading to deficiencies or imbalances over time.

It’s important to note that individual dogs may react differently to different types of dog food, and what works well for one dog may not work for another. Consulting with a veterinarian and carefully monitoring your dog’s health and response to a specific dog food can help identify any potential side effects or benefits.

Our Rating of Exclusive Dog Food

Exclusive Signature dog food reviews is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a significant amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Many of the exclusive dog food reviews about Exclusive dog food formulas are positive. In general, many dog owners agreed that the low price of Exclusive dog food was a selling point, as well as its list of ingredients. However, some dog owners did not like the fact that Exclusive dog food formulas contain corn gluten meal, since this seemed to cause gastrointestinal problems in some dogs. Generally, most dogs seem to like the taste of Exclusive dog food formulas, and it seems to be well-received by most dog owners

Highly recommended.

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