River Run Dog Food: The Perfect Blend for Healthy and Happy Canine

River Run Dog Food

Brand: Nutrena – River Run Dog Food


A high-end brand called River Run Dog Food prioritizes the health and happiness of your cherished canine friends. This River Run Dog Food has been specially prepared to satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs. It also provides a balanced diet to maintain their general development and vigor. River Run Dog Food makes a commitment to using high-quality, all-natural ingredients to provide your pet with the greatest nutrition possible.

Your Furry running in a river

Features of River Run Dog Food

Unleash the potential of proper nourishment of your canine with River Run Dog Food. This specially formulated culinary wonder is created to improve the health, vitality, and dashing look of dogs that engage in typical levels of exercise. Look at these impressive qualities:

  • River Run Dog Food promotes the health and strength of dogs with typical exercise levels daily.
  • The savory bite-sized bits are filled with nutrition and are balanced. It includes all minerals and vitamins that are required to maintain dogs’ good looks and health.
  • It provides active dogs with the right nourishment.
  • Provides adequate nutrition for normally active dogs and is good in terms of fiber to support healthy digestion. It is nutritionally balanced with vitamins and minerals.
A dog after eating the river run dog food

Additional Information

River Run Dog Food contains.

  • Protein – 21.00%
  • Fat – 10.00%
  • Fiber – 4.50%
Pitbull dog running in the river after eating riverrun dog food

Ingredients of River Run Dog Food

Get your canine a delicious meal from the mouthwatering combination of natural ingredients that make up the River Run Dog Food. Depending on the individual formula, the precise ingredients may change, but River Run Dog Food normally contains a combination of the following:

Ingredients of Nutrena River Run Dog Food

Guaranteed Analysis

Ingredient Analysis of River Run Dog Food

Ingredient Analysis of River Run Dog Food

  • Meat and bone meal

The first component is the meat and bone meal. It is a product made from animal tissues, including bone, without any additional hair, blood, horn, hoof, trims from the hide, rumen contents or stomach contents, and dung. Compared to most other meat dinners, meat, and bone meal may be more difficult to digest.

According to research, the ingredient’s increased dust level and the lower amount of important amino acids may be the cause of this low level of absorption. 

This item’s anonymity is much worse. Therefore, it might be difficult to identify dietary allergies because meat can originate from a mix of goats, pigs, sheep, or cattle.

This generic ingredient like this is not viewed as a quality item, although meat and bone meals are regarded as protein-rich meat concentrates.

  • Corn

Corn is the next component. Corn is a contentious and affordable cereal crop. Aside from the energy it contains, this grain offers a dog very mediocre nutritional value.

Because of this, corn is not considered as a preferred component in any dog food.

  • Wheat middling

Wheat middling, sometimes referred to as “wheat mill run,” are the third component that will be analyzed in this article. Although it might seem wholesome, the wheat mill run is really a cheap by-product of processing cereal grains.

Alas! The differences in nutrition found in the wheat middling might be a major problem when assessing for dog or cattle foods. Lower-quality pet foods are more likely to contain wheat middling, which is essentially milling dust and floor sweepings.

  • Rice bran

Rice bran, a beneficial by-product of milling whole-grain rice, is the fourth and final component. The grain’s fibrous outer layer, or bran, contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat in addition to vitamins and minerals.

  • Animal fat

Animal fat is the fifth ingredient to be analyzed. It is a common by-product of depicting. It required the temperature(high) method that produces meat foods.

This item’s origination or no specific animal is mentioned, it could originate from just anywhere including rescued roadkill, badly stored meat, and even dead, unwell, or dying cattle. Because of this, generic animal fat is not considered a quality component.

The worst thing is the inclusion of BHA. BHA is a controversial chemical preservative found in many popular dog foods. It is a carcinogens items that are thought to cause cancer, and is used to preserve this fat.

  • Corn gluten meal

Corn gluten meal is the sixth component. Gluten is one of the stretchy components that remains after most of the starchy carbs in maize have been washed away. Despite having 60% protein, maize gluten meals have lesser biological and nutritional consequences than meat.

Additionally, cheaper plant items can significantly increase the total amount of protein stated on the product label. It should always be considered while determining the real meat substance of River Run dog food.

  • Salt

Next is the salt, commonly known as sodium chloride, which comes after the natural flavors. A typical addition to many dog meals is salt. That’s because all creatures, including humans, require sodium, a mineral. However, it’s hard to assess the nutritional content of this food because the precise quantity of salt used in food isn’t listed on the components list.

Below is the list of other ingredients that can be included.

However, the ingredients mentioned below in the list (apart from nutritional supplements) won’t have an impact on how this product is rated overall with four distinguished exemptions.

The primary exception is iron oxide. Iron oxide is an artificial color chemical used in industries to put a red color on food and paint. This chemical substance is more frequently referred to as “iron rust” in its natural state.

It is always disappointing and harmful to use or discover artificial coloring in pet food. It is dangerous for your loyal dog. The companies use artificial coloring to appeal to people to buy their products but dogs who do not even know this color game is going to be affected by its harmful effects. Do you honestly believe that your dog is bothered by the color of his food?

The second exception is disputed vitamin K from menadione, which has been associated with red blood cell abnormality, allergies, and liver damage. It is not required to include vitamin K in any canine formulation since AAFCO does not need it in any of its dog food nutritional profiles.

Furthermore, there is no mention of probiotics, which are pleasant bacteria put into the shell of the kibble after managing to promote digestion.

To add a final twist, it appears that none of the above minerals have been chelated, which may make understanding their relevance more difficult. Chelated minerals are frequently connected with exceptional dog foods, adding a whole new level of comprehension to their influence.

Nutrient Analysis of RiverRun Dog Food

Nutrient analysis of riverrun dog food

By looking at the nutrients being used in these dog foods, Nutrena dog food river run is considered a below-average food product.

The brand has an average protein content of 29% and an average fat level of 18%. These results show that the whole product line has a carbohydrate content of 45%. And a fat-to-protein ratio of around 64%.

Protein that is above average.  Above-average fat. In addition, the carbohydrate content is lower than that of regular dry dog food.

When the protein-boosting impact of the corn gluten meal in one recipe and the soybean meal in another recipe is considered, this appears to be the profile of a kibble containing a reasonable quantity of meat.

Feeding instructions

Feeding instructions for dog food giveb on river run dog food packet

River Run Dog Food is intended to satisfy the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for the maintenance of nutritional levels. The amount of River Run Dog Food your dog will consume each day may vary depending on the breed, size, activity level, and surroundings.

Use the basic chart as a guideline and adjust the quantity you feed based on your dog’s appetite.

Feed adult dogs once daily or use a self-feeder (use the dry form only) and have River Run Adult Dog Food available at all times. Most dogs will alter their intake to fit their needs.

Product types of River Run Dog Food

Below are the 5 dry dog foods of the River Run product line:

Riverrun dog food reviews and ratings

Two major types of RiverRun Dog Food

Below mentioned are the two major types of Riverrun dog food.

Nutrena River Run Adult Formula 21-10 Dry Dog Food: Nutrena Riverrun dog food is made to help dogs with typical exercise levels maintain their daily health and strength. The delectable, bite-sized bits are balanced nutritionally and include all the vitamins and minerals required to maintain dogs’ good looks and health.

Nutrena River Run Adult Formula 21-10 Dry Dog Food

Price: 30$

Shop Link [https://jacksonbrosfeed.net/products/nutrena%C2%AE-river-run%C2%AE-adult-formula-21-10-dog-food]

River Run Professional Formula 30-20 Dog Food: It is a delicious, bite-sized food that is nutritionally balanced and contains all the vitamins and minerals required to maintain pets in good health as well as to keep working and hunting dogs in top functioning shape. The River Run Professional Formula serves two main purposes.

River Run Professional Formula 30-20 Dog Food

Price: $49

Website Link: [https://www.sweetcypressranch.com/river-run-professional-formula-30-20-dog-food-50lb.html}

Formulated with Balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Balanced Fiber to Support Good Digestion

  • River Run Hi-Energy Formula: This formula offers high-energy calories and nutrition for your dog. It is good for working, sporting, or extremely active dogs.
River Run Hi-Energy Formula

Price: $37

Online Store Link: [https://jacksonbrosfeed.net/products/nutrena%C2%AE-river-run%C2%AE-hi-energy-24-20-dog-food}

  • River Run Hi Dog Food: This Hi Dog formula offers a highly digestible combination with more protein And it is very good for breeds with a lot of energy needs.
River Run Hi Dog Food

Price: $40

Shop Link: [https://www.grosmartnc.com/home/River-Run-Hi-Pro-Dog-Food-50lbs-p221238397]

Puppies receive the protein and energy they need to develop strength and health from this specially prepared mixture.

The delectable, bite-sized portions of RiverRun Dog Food are properly balanced with all the vitamins and minerals required to keep canines healthy and attractive.

Benefits of River Run Dog Food

  1. Comprehensive and Balanced Nutrition: River Run Dog Food is made to give dogs all the important nutrients they require for good health. It has a well-balanced composition of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals that promotes healthy development, lean muscular growth, and a strong immune system.
  2. Premium Ingredients: RiverRun Dog Food includes premium ingredients that are purchased from reliable vendors. This guarantees a filling and tasty supper for your dog by using genuine meat as the main protein source.
  3. Digestive Health: The formulae are made to enhance nutrition absorption, minimize digestive problems, and support healthy digestion. Because the carefully chosen components are simple to digest, there is less chance of stomach distress, which enhances general digestive function.
  4. Coat Health and Skin: Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, which support healthy skin and a glossy coat, are added to River Run. These minerals support a glossy look and reduce dryness and itching.
  5. Meat-based infant formula without soy
  6. Designed to Support Healthy Digestion
  7. It promotes growth and is a balanced nutrition with Added Vitamins and Minerals


  1. Limited Availability: Not all retailers may carry RiverRun Dog Food, depending on where you live. To verify availability in your region, it is essential to check with nearby merchants or internet sources.
  2. Individual Sensitivities: Despite River Run Dog Food’s efforts to employ high-quality ingredients, each dog is different, and some may have food allergies or sensitivities. It’s crucial to pay close attention to how your dog reacts to any new diet and to contact a vet if you see any unfavorable symptoms. So it is not the best dog food for sensitive skin.
  3. It has been recalled in the past.

RiverRun Dog Food Reviews

River Run Ratings

River Run Dog Food is a pet food line with 2 star rating those accounts for 5% of all pet food. It contains certain levels of carbs and ingredients that the buyer of the food should be concerned about. This pet food is not recommended. It is a grain-inclusive dog food that uses a moderate amount of unnamed meat and bone meal as its main source of animal protein. Some users give this food a rating of 1.5 stars.

Product-Wise Ratings

  • River Run Professional Formula 30-20 got a rating of 3.
  • River Run Hi-Energy 24-20 got a rating of 2.
  • River Run Hi-Pro No-Soy got a rating of 2.
  • River Run Puppy got a rating of 2.
  • River Run Adult Formula 21-10 got a rating of 1.

RiverRun Dog Food Reviews

If we look at the River Run Dog Food Reviews, it is claimed that it is not recommended because of its mediocre quality and the fact that its main source of animal protein is a little amount of unidentified meat and bone meal.

Below is an overview of what River Run Dog Food Reviews given by the customers on Dog Food Advisor say about the product.

      Use Organic Minerals to Improve AbsorptionThe majority of Ingredients lead to our Concern
Majority of Ingredients lead to our Concern
Seems No Probiotics to Aid Digestion
Contain Potential Allergens like Corn, Soy, Gluten, and Dairy products
Include Ingredients that might be Related to Poor Digestion
Contain Ingredients that might be Uncertain

River Run Dog Food Recall

River Run dog food has been recalled many times due to high aflatoxin levels. Aflatoxin is a poisonous substance produced by certain molds and has the ability to injure or make animals sick. The recall comprises 13 states and 2 territories: Kansas, Missouri, Northeast Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Southeast Indiana, Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and restricted areas of Florida, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, and the California Guam. It was made from several formulations of River Run dog food. Customers were asked by Cargill Animal Nutrition to return any unused recalled dog food to the place of purchase for a full refund.

The FDA’s most recent press release contains confirmation of the Cargill recall.

On the tag or bag, the following items are identified by the lot codes 4K0335 through 4K0365, 4K1001 through 4K1335, LL0335 through LL0365, and LL1001 through LL1335:

  • Dog foods from River Run Professional Formula 27-18 and 21% Protein (50# and 40# each) are available.
  • River Run Hi-Pro No-Soy Dog Food (50# and 40#) and River Run Hi-NRG 24-20 Dog Food (50#)


River Run Dog Food is good for exceptionally active, working, or sports canines. It is available in several formulations with different nutritional attributes. This dog food offers comprehensive and balanced nutrition with a choice of formulations to accommodate various life stages and dietary needs.

The premium components, which include genuine meat, promote healthy development, digestion, and skin and coat. Pet owners looking for quality dog food should consider River Run Dog Food as a trustworthy choice. But if your furry has sensitive skin issues or allerigies then it is a dog food that you should avoid.

By selecting River Run, you can provide your animal companion with the food they require to grow and live a happy and healthy life.

For more information on pet diet or pet care visit Pets on Paws – Heaven’s Dog Food Store.

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