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Shopping for hypoallergenic dog food can be a challenge, with so many options related to dog food brands and formulas. It is also expensive, as proteins like venison, bison, and duck- sometimes a part of hypoallergenic formulas normally cost more.

Thinking if your dog should be fed hypoallergenic dog food?

The diet is created specifically for canines that are affected by food-related allergies causing bad effects to their health physically. Usually, the molecules that become allergens are glycoproteins or intact proteins.

These diets offer various protein sources that are different by using proteins that are unrecognizable by the antibodies of dogs as being antigens, reducing allergic reactions.

In this article, we will look at the choices from the best affordable hypoallergenic dog food. First of all, let’s discuss the basics about canines and the food allergies related to them.

Dog allergies