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It is a privately owned company with headquarter in Abingdon, Maryland. Russell Armstrong is the founder of the company. He the company started in the year 1993. VeRUS is a dog food company, committed to quality manufacturing principles, according to their website.

The source of their ingredients (minerals and vitamins) are the U.S., Australia, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand. The company does not include any source ingredients from China. Their recipes and foods have no hormones, artificial preservatives, meat by-products, or bioengineered ingredients.

All the meat sources come from USDA-inspected families. The foods are manufactured in EU-certified facilities. According to VeRUS, There are many positive attributes of VeRUS dog foods. They have provided us with a lot of options and how each ingredient enhances the overall health of a dog.

In this article, we will give an overview of this brand and the products manufactured by them.

So let’s start.

Who Manufactures VeRUS?

The US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) developed an EU certification that was formed as a result of the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) crisis many years ago in Great Britain.

It is an international agenda to eliminate the food-borne pandemic. All the products used to manufacture pet food must be from animal sources and declared best for consumption.  

EU-certified facilities are used to make this pet food. The company declares that their canned formulas are made in South Dakota and New Zealand and dry food is manufactured in upstate New York.

Very few pet food manufacturers possess EU-certified facilities.

Verus Dog Food Overview

There is much more to like about the VeRUS dog foods. If you go through the official website, all the things mentioned about their food sound incredible and sensible.

It is crystal clear they have given a lot of ideas regarding the choices they have made. Their main focus is on good nutrition and they monetize how each ingredient in the food enhances the health of a dog.

The company doesn’t seem to have trendy ideas or touting a lot of gimmicks regarding how to feed your dog.

When you browse about any dog food websites, you will get a hard sell of some odd ingredients or are thrilled about the packaging and artwork without much information about the food.

However, our company explains the use of specific ingredients that are good for the health of a dog, whether those ingredients are famous right now or not.

It feels nice to find food companies that have an aim to focus on the ingredients and food.

Sources of Ingredients

According to studies, VeRUS uses ingredients from very good sources. Like:

  • Potatoes without the use of bioengineered ingredients are locally sourced in Pennsylvania.
  • Chicken is free of antibiotics from cage-free barns in West Virginia.
  • Wild Menhaden fish caught in US waters off in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast; goes through the process of processing before the fish leaves the ship, using Vitamin E and Vitamin C as natural antioxidants.
  • For better absorption, chelated minerals; minerals, and vitamins are human-grade rather than the feed grade utilized by makers of pet food, and they are not from China
  • The source of healthy flocks is a Grass-fed lamb meal from New Zealand.
  • Kelp, from cold waters with no contamination of petroleum.
  • Whole grains without the usage of bioengineered ingredients are used rather than fractioned sources are grown in North American.
  • 99.95% chicken fat is clear fat coming from cage-free chickens.
  • Just before blending the flaxseed is grounded to remove the potential for oxidation and assure efficacy and freshness.
  • Chicory is a natural prebiotic used to improve digestion.

The other things to notice in the foods include red meat that is not grain-fed and raised on fresh grass. To help keep these joints healthy, they use green-lipped mussels from New Zealand.

VeRUS also utilizes at least freeze-dried live probiotics or live probiotics in their foods. This formula is used by only this pet food. The use of probiotics is to keep healthy organisms in the gut so the dog is capable to digest the food.

Today many dog foods include some kind of probiotic to their food however in the dry form usually.

VeRUS Life Virtue

The holistic recipe has chicken, legumes, and vegetables. The food has chickpeas, split, lentils, yams, and green peas

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min 24% protein
  • Max 3.5% fiber
  • 418kcal/cup
  • Min 15% fat
  • Max 10% moisture

Very Cold Water Fish

The formula has vegetables, legumes, and cold water ocean fish. The fish includes Omega 3 rich menhaden, fresh salmon, and herring meat protein as well as chickpeas, lentils, yams, and split green peas.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min 26% protein
  • Max 3.5% fiber
  • 419kcal/cup
  • Min 15% fat
  • Max 10% moisture

VeRUS Large Breed Puppy holistic formula

The recipe is designed for dogs up to 20 months old and 60 pounds or more at maturity. The food has vegetables, legumes, fresh meats for lower levels of energy, and moderate amounts of phosphorus and calcium to help reduce quick growth.

  • Min 23% protein
  • Max 4% fiber
  • 399kcal/cup
  • Min 15% fat
  • Max 10% moisture
  • 0.9% calcium
  • Phosphorus

VeRUS Life Advantage Chicken Meal, Oats and Brown Rice Holistic

Cage-free chicken is used to make this formula and includes flaxseed, sun-cured alfalfa, and chicory extract. It is meant for all life stages.

  • Min 24% protein
  • Max 4.5% fiber
  • 422kcal/cup
  • Min 15% fat
  • Max 10% moisture

What makes VeRUS so healthy for pets?